Saturday, September 13, 2008

Revoke His Butt!

OMG!!!! I want heads! This is just pathetic! Did you see Lovely Mr. Edwards gets off going 120mph! No not the political one! Star struck my butt! That officer should be fired! If he does not value everyone else's lives on the road then he is not in the right profession. What part of TO SERVE & PROTECT does he even understand because to me he does not understand it at all! Who is he serving & protecting? Edwards and maybe his own butt. What if an accident happened after that & someone was injured or killed? Right! And Edwards...that man's license should be revoked. And if he makes decisions like that then what other types of decisions is he making poorly! He should not be allowed to be a father...did he have a kid in the car? They don't say....and sure there was a sick person! His wife or girlfriend better have the baby coming out of her...I want to see a head & even then 120 is stupid he should have pulled over & called an ambulance! The man should be drained of all his Testosterone! And any woman who would go out with a moron like that should have everything revoked & denied also! Where are we on this living on MARS idea...lets put them all on there...or they can have our dying planet & we'll take a new one.

And where is the NFL on all this stupidity? Apparently they also have a Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. Just like Steroids! They should have a code of conduct that the players have to represent even off the field. Heck if some HS & Colleges have it & they should all have it. They should be the examples of what to do. You get paid that kind of money you better prove you deserve it. Even then I would argue the should be the awesome officers, firemen & teachers getting higher salaries. Especially all those who had to deal with this train wreck this weekend. That had to be soooo difficult on their hearts. If we didn't have people to do this we have to have goofy men jacked up on Testosterone tackling each other and flashing their bling in our faces and acting like morons...that is more important right? Don't get me wrong I love football but not what it has become! I wonder if tickets or court on this ticket is a public record. I'd love to write a lovely email to that officer. Yes, I'm furious! I hope all the other good officers on his dept really give it to him.

And if we have zero tolerance on alcohol & drugs etc then there should be a line on this too. Take his car away just like they do for drugs. This is way over the top.


garnett109 said...

you can take the boy out of the hood but not the hood out of the boy

slapinions said...

Jeez, tell us how you really think :)


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Make sure if you get a new blog over at blogger to let me know..yep I am thinking about ending AOL atleast not pay for it..LOL..have a great week and do keep in touch..hugs,TerryAnn