Saturday, September 6, 2008

BTW...I'm a Tigger

Hi Everyone!

As I am watching The Last Lecture it made me smile, many times, but that YEP I've always been a Tigger! I loved Tigger as a kid even & remember a key chain of him I actually had. I need to get one as a reminder each day. I feel like a Tigger most of the time & that is why I get frustrated when I'm injured & hate being sick because it prevents me from bouncing! No, not as bad as say ADHD though maybe at times my ideas are so fast I lose the one which I'm thinking or talking about next but I'd still rather have it that way than the opposite. There are too many Eyeore in the world. No, I appreciate everyone & sometimes it is not their when my docs tell me I have to sit on my wonder it is spreading...ha...but it is when the Eyeore is chosen & when they want me not to be a Tigger that I have a HUGE problem! In fact, I remember someone not too long ago saying that I was "exhausting" and I remember smiling, trying to not but and thinking that says more to me about you than me. They meant it as I should slow down just for them or that it was wrong etc but sorry I didn't take it that way. Perhaps you miss getting some people then & you have to slow down a bit to get them to speed up a bit...that I know...but I hope I never lose my Tigger in me! Maybe that is why it is hard to find a guy...not enough Tiggers? Maybe not one that bounces more than me & motivates me & inspires me? Or one near that we can do that for each other? Hmmm?

I started this think about where this started because I remember always being like this & I thought about these baby bouncers! Remember them? I'm not sure when they first came out, if they would have been around when I was a kid but boy what a great simulator trainer! HA! If they were out no wonder I love riding roller coasters. Ha! Ok, well I need to get bouncing...ha! Later!


garnett109 said...

Yep , I bounced once too many times on one of those!

luvrte66 said...

I used to be a Tigger, but I've mellowed a bit!

You just keep on being you--you'll find someone who can keep up with you! :)