Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not Too Bad

Hi Everyone!

Well it wasn't too bad. He didn't see too much with my toe on the x-ray at first (quick!) look but thinks I have a  compression (stress) fracture on the foot where my toe meets my foot...or just under that...the spot I said it hurt. He taped up my toe and my top part of my foot. He could not believe my orthoped for my knee wanted to tape the two toes together. I told him I told the doc but he wouldn't believe me. I said write him a letter. He asked who it was. Great he is going to love me now...ha!

Dr. Z. made fun of me...I think he always tries to...what is it with men & teasing! HA! He asked me if I was Italian...I didn't know why at first. I said "whacked" my toe. Oh like Italians are the only ones that uses that word. I'm American Indian...they whack scalps..ha! Then later when I said my toe looked "icky" until Sun he told the nurse to put "icky" down on the file. I wanted to just kill him. He is like well your a prof you'd think your vocabulary would be higher. I said well I'm not teaching kindergarteners and saying "potty" at least. HA! Got to go back in 2 weeks. He told me I could use the ES Tylenol & the topical Ketoprophen but not to overdue it that the pain is telling me something...stay off. Right! I treadmilled an hour Sun. It wasn't making me limp or anything so. He told me I could wear a sandal, ya as it is getting cooler & my gym shoes were fine.

Well....later I'm walking "OUCH!" I called & left him a message that it hurts more now than it did and to tell him "Ouch" or Oueee (how do you spell that?) and ask him if that is a high enough vocabulary word...saying he would know what that means! HA! Ya, sure he says "compression" and I'm like wait slow down & explain in everyday terms...stress fracture..ok, that I know. Sometimes people can have too high vocab. I'm reading my text now & they occasionally have words I'm looking up & I know my students will not know. Heck, we have students not at the college level reading so...you have to just make it plain & simply. Like when I talk about Reliability I say, "What does it mean to have a Reliable friend?" Then for Validity, "What does it mean when someone says, That is a valid point/statement?" Then you put it back in research context. Of course I do have an 11 yr old niece around that I'm talking to so...besides talking like that "Icky" etc just makes it seem less severe to me I guess. He is such a putz! HA! But he takes care of me sooo I gotta give him that credit & to some extent isn't that true of all men! HA! Oh well most you know. Not the psychos out there...ha!

Well it is hurting now through my Tylenol...ugh. I'm still getting migraines pretty much everyday for part of the day? It was 75 in my classroom today. Not too bad with small classes but with 40+ students & there body heat crammed in like sardines...not as good. It is starting to go away now I think? I didn't sleep much last night? Maybe 3-4 hours? Hopefully tonight I will better.

Well...more later...


garnett109 said...

i hate broken toes, that stuff hurts, well you know

chat2missie said...

I hope you have less pain tomorrow.

sugarsweet056 said...

I know how you feel (literally), my thoughts & prayers are with you.