Friday, September 5, 2008

Gustav Visited!

Well Gustav paid us a visit yesterday! UGH!!! I had to drive up to my knee doc...1 1/2 hours! And people are just crazy! I know like I didn't know that but...I go in the left lane to pass someone & I'm not doing the speed limit even because of the rain...probably 10 under! There is no one behind & then I see this car coming from way back & all of a sudden he is on my butt. Must have been going 90 or more! I'm 1/2 way passed the car & he can't wait! So he goes in the right lane on that guys bumper. I'm like HELLO? How is that going to help? That guy was sooo upset or scared he goes 1/2 on the shoulder & do you know this guy went right between us over the white dashed lines! OMG!!!! You better believe I called the state cops with his plate. They are use to me by now Ha...but seriously they need to stop him & find out what the H. he is doing! He will kill someone!

The way back home was over 2 hours! Of course more rush hour time but we were stopped sitting for a while. I was exhausted when I got back & took a nap! Probably skimping on sleep at night. I did last night too so I'm getting tired a bit now.

Well the doc & I talked & he said 6 weeks but to let him know. It is really up to me. I'll know when I can't take it anymore. If it is killing more & preventing me from doing what I want then I'll call him & he knows it. I told him my bro just had his Meniscus surgery and that it was folded over. He said a lady there was just nagging & nagging & MRI didn't show anything conclusively. Sure enough nice tear that didn't show on the MRI.

Well, then as I was driving up I was like hmmm this baby toe that I stubbed in the morning...I know, I pulsating. It is the other toe from the one a broke in 2 places like a year ago. I was fine teaching but then adrenaline kicks in. I thought I better look at it at the docs. I took my shoe is so big & red & blue. (Shakes Head!) It hurts on the top portion (tip) but then also right where it meets my foot. It hurt hitting it but you know just like anyone else I swore and held on to something as the pain subsided & then I went on. HA! This doc was telling me the old way of tapping toes together but I toldhim my podiatrist that did my foot surgery disagrees and says that you can pull the fracture apart that way. He was not too happy with me. What is with docs & their big egos! God forbid they should be wrong & a patient right! I told him I would call my foot doc. I go in Monday! Ugh! I'll just laugh if it is broken. Can't seem to start a term off without a problem! HA! I'll let you know. I iced it when I got home, took some ES Tylenol & then took my nap.  I might do that now in fact. I'm pooped. I do wear my shoes most of the time but this was the morning & I was getting ready & it isn't like you can put your shoes on before you are dressed now can you! HA! I also like going barefoot. My mom did it to me...she is always like that.

Gustav has also cooled us down! We had 90 on Monday & it is 65 now! Was yesterday also! The trees are beginning to turn colors also! I asked my students if they are watching & they had not noticed! Ugh! Their heads are in their phones texting & IPods! The creek by me was overflowing some & the geese are out everywhere drinking & taking baths! HA! Had to get my raincoat out!

Well I need to decide on what I'm going to do for dinner...more later....


luvrte66 said...

Our poison ivy vines are turning colors. LOL

Hope your knee and pinky toe feel better!


garnett109 said...

hanna is on her way!