Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TVLand: HS Reunion

Ok, who is watching TVLand's High School Reunion?

I TOTALLY agree...Justin is just sooooo hot! He is sweet, funny, has a bit of shyness that is sooo adorable & yet so HOT! HA! And I had just told my niece a few weeks ago how guys can really turn out to be so hot later so to be nice to them when they are younger & kinda dorky looking. Ha! I'm just surprise Justin is not married already? Did I miss them talk about that? Well I think he will have me watching the show more. I was soooo sick of the commercials but hmmm ha! ;-)

Now not sure of the whole Deanna thing with him. I mean if they work that is just totally great, but I wonder if he is just like thinking the girl that would never go out with me & then you have all these expectations & when you go out with them they don't live up to them you know? I mean didn't they say she was married & divorced 4 times already? Makes me wonder why? Then of course the opposite is true also, I mean you don't notice that guy (or girl) & then you find out he is just so wonderful and boy did you really miss out and you just wish they would have asked you out then. It isn't that you would have said no, maybe they feared that but they didn't give you the chance to even think about it. You had no idea they were interested in you to consider them or get to know them to find out. And maybe you were shy and why you...when there are soooo many other women so much more did that come from? Ha! ;-) I think you get the idea though.

Anyway, I'm very intriqued to see what happens. I know it seems dorky but hey they are only 4 yrs younger than me so makes it interesting. I mean everyone has the jock, bully etc.


mariealicejoan said...

wow, those are two goodlooking fellas! I don't think we get the show over here, but it does sound good.  I'm not sure I would ever want to go to a high school reunion.  I don't think anyone would recognize me anymore.
Maybe that's what I'm afraid of.  :-)

chat2missie said...

I haven't caught the show yet!  I think it's a great idea for a show.

slapinions said...

I watched this show strictly because I saw this post and wondered what the heck the big deal was. It was interesting, but you can see how the producers are going to mold the season: drama between the guy and his cheating ex-wife and her lover; the dork-turned-good looking guy winning the beauty; the 'shocking' lesbian reveletation. Still, a pretty fun first episode.

Again - long time no see online. :)