Thursday, March 27, 2008

He's A Keeper

Hi Everyone!

I'm not sure what message God is sending me tonight or trying to reinforce what I have in me but...

First, I see on AOL this article on "How To Know He is a Keeper" Did you see it? I liked it & agree I think with everything. What do you think? Although true for whether she is a keeper too I think.  

Next, Oprah comes on with Seal & Heidi. I was surprised how good it was & found myself saying where are more men like him! HA! He kept holding Heidi's hand, they get married every year (I LOVE that idea!) and he says his wife comes first, then family & then career. I love that. I have told people God was first & then that order. I think really God comes through how you are with the rest of the order. It is your relationships with God that grounds you on what your purpose is on this planet & thus makes the rest make sense & tells you what your priorities are in order. Maybe that is just me though? He also said that Heidi is his best friend or buddy first & then his wife. He said when you are best friends there is respect & you don't want to hurt them or disappoint them etc. I love that idea too & do believe that. I remember he said he learned the idea of "Happy Wife, Happy Life" Ha! I think that would be true if the wife equally says "Happy Husband, Happy Life" and it is not one sided or either takes advantage etc. It should give you please & make your heart warm to make their heart warm, make them smile & yes even cry with happy tears as he did when Heidi found his foster family & got them together. 

Thanks God for the reminder & reinforcing this. It makes me smile & say yes...worth waiting for! :-)


mariealicejoan said...

I got me a keeper too.  I think there's one out there for everyone if we are only patient and wait.  It's when we get impatient and just plunge in without listening that we get ourselves into trouble and make poor choices!

chat2missie said...

I'm lucky.  My husband is a keeper!