Friday, March 28, 2008

Prayers Needed

I'd like to ask you all for some prayers...

First, my oldest niece flew back in from my folks in AZ & met her mom's plane to see her great-grandmother who was in the hospital & they "finally" found out she had cancer. When the plane came in they had a call already that she had coded & was on life support & they were waiting for the girls to get to the hospital. They took her off & she passed away about 4:45am. My other niece does not know yet. Her plane comes in on Sun. The wake will be Sun & Funeral Mon so far we think. If you can please keep them in your prayers I would appreciate it.

Also, my "baby bro" (don't tell him I said that!) had some idiot come from behind & hit him in the face. Busted cheek bone...nasty looking eye right now. He sounds ok & I'm sure he is also putting on a brave front for me as all men tend to do "I'm fine!" Ah ha! Ha! If you could still keep him in your prayers. Man I wish I was much as a tiny part of me would have liked to deck the idiot who is a coward in my mind for coming from behind, I know I would be just as bad as him. He should pay very dearly. I tried to convince my "I'm fine" brother that this IDIOT is probably dealing with things like this in his life and so he may be hitting his kids or a wife or whomever & it must be stopped! I don't put up with that...but to guys this is just a scrap on the playground you know...UGH! Hopefully, he will see the potential seriousness to this & press charges.

Ok, gotta get in the shower & deal with this god awful hair...the longer it gets the wilder it looks in the morning! No wonder those woman in the old days would put it up in a ponytail or something overnight! HA! To me that would be worse I'd think? I'm getting it trimmed & sparkly tomorrrow morning! Nope...I'm letting it grow. It is getting so long now & I love it. Have a good day!


chat2missie said...

I'll be keeping everyone in my prayers!

slapinions said...

Welcome back. I will say a prayer for both family members. What started the attack on your brother? Did he know the guy?


luddie343 said...

Consider them being said.  xoxo CATHY