Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break!

Hi Everyone!

I'm flying out tomorrow (technically today) in the afternoon for AZ! Spring Break is soooo needed right now. My parents are treating me to come see them. I need it. I've been sooooo busy the last couple of weeks. This morning I was up north, then classes then took the train to Chicago for PT...then run errands before I leave....I'm exhausted again just thinking about it!

Oh I have SUCH happy news! It made me cry tears of joy! My PT people moved 2 floors up to a bigger place & they had a Total Gym in there. I said it was a tease since I have not been able to use mine since I injured my foot like 7 yrs ago. My PT said I could do it! I was soooo overwhelmed. I was on it & just it was the most incredible feeling! Like I was back in a way to where I was before I injured my foot. I love my Total Gym. When I get back I'm on it! Watch out! I thought my back would not let me or what else the ankles, knees etc. Oh...btw I broke my baby toe again last week! I was wondering I mean it was really bigger & I couldn't really bend it & it was all arthritic I thought. Well a year ago Dec I broke it in 2 places & one is the chip that is floating so I thought maybe that moved or the weather. Dr. Z wanted to x-ray it. Sure enough big ol diagnal break all the way through. And it shifted down. He taped it up anchoring to my foot...dang it hurts now. It was probably hurting less lately because I had been taking 800 mg of Motrin & ES Tylenol for my back. I thought I had herniated more because I was in pain, and tingling & numb back of my calf etc but last couple of days soooo much better. My PT said it may have been from walking wrong from my toe & since he taped it I'm walking better??? I don't know. I'm just glad it is better. My feet are still not the best but not getting tons worse.

Ok, what else? I have to finish packing oh...I have to take Country to the vet to be boarded because he is now taking his Thyroid meds 2 times a day & a higher does. They said his liver is starting to show problems & he heart may be. They want to do an echocardiogram. Sigh...he has lost like 2 lbs in 2 weeks but I thought it was his tooth. They cleaned them but could not pull it because it is likely to break off & he couldn't do the root. I have to take him somewhere special for that but they want the heart looked at first. I need to get a second job just for my babies! I definitely will get pet insurance with any future babies.
Well...I need to get some sleep & finish packing. If I don't get to post during the week I will when I get back...maybe some pictures also.


sunnyside46 said...

have fun!

mariealicejoan said...

I hope that you have a lovely vacation and I am ever so pleased to hear that your foot is so much better!

chat2missie said...

I"m behind in alerts!  Have a good trip.