Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Problem With Spring Break

Hi Everyone!

The problem ends! HA!

This is the mountain in my folks backyard! Isn't it lovely! It is the Santa Ritas! They got snow on it earlier this week. So sad...I leave to go home tomorrow! I would like to stay a little bit longer. Time sure flies...guess I was having fun then. My sis & nieces are flying here tomorrow though. I will spend my Easter with my bros & then I'll have to go see Dr. Z & pick up Country before work Mon! Ugh! But....only 7 more weeks & then finals week! :-) YA! Summer is going to be here before you know it! I am teaching the summer but only 2 days a week & so that will be soooo nice.

Lets see...yesterday we went shopping for Easter and then in the evening we went out to dinner and visited our 7 churches for Holy Thursday I have traditionally done with my folks for many years. My folks use to walk to them when they were kids, but they lived in an area where every couple of blocks there was a church then. Dad has fun mapping them all out. It was fun seeing new churches here and what they look like. I also sat outside in the sun for a bit & read my book for my class.

Today, I actually slept an hour later than all week. My clock is off since it is 2 hours earlier here. We made a few returns & went out for a lovely fish fry. I colored Easter Eggs tonight...the signs of Easter...multi colored fingers! HA! To Do List....major manicure! HA! Tomorrow mom will take them to be blessed with the food. I'll miss it for the first time as I will be in the air flying! I'll lose the 2 hours too so I won't get back until late. It was about 80 degrees here today...not the same 80 as back home. In folks place is 78 degrees in it right now & man it is totally comfortable! They have ceiling fans but great to not have to pay for air conditioning! OH...I forgot to tell you. I was watching the birds...I guess I was a peeping poor male dove was getting rejected by 3 females. He kept trying to "surprise them from behind" but he never got any satisfaction! HA! Well, then I hear the quail sqwaking and I turn & look & there goes a bobcat!!!!! It was soooo cool! My dad went out later & I followed him to see if he could get a picture! Don't ask...same reason men go out to watch the tornado coming! HA! Ok, I can't tease too much because I will sometimes too. HA! We couldn't find it though. Probably a good thing.

I only have 4 more items on the Find It game! HA! I just hate the fact though that I have to leave & have not found them. I'm going to have to get one for me...maybe for my office to chill! HA! Wait...I think it is frustrating too so?? Hmmm?

Well...that is it for now...later...


mariealicejoan said...

Oh you are so lucky to be having a spring break!  Glad it's going well!

chat2missie said...

The scenery is beautiful!