Friday, March 28, 2008

Boys Being Boys?

Ok, I'm sure this is just me that is totally being maternal or something but does anyone have a logical reason why little boys need to do this kind of fighting? I want to know what mothers are allowing this? And the fathers....oh man they must have some real masculinity issues if they have to have their sons doing this? Lets see them out there with some adult guy fighting like this. Then again maybe they are & that is the type of "man"...I need another word, they are not a man to me...they are! No I'm not generalizing to all in this area. My one bro wrestled for a while in HS but it is very different than this! Yes, football is aggressive & hey hockey has its testosterone moments but this is just so over the line to me. Ok, what do you think?  


mariealicejoan said...

My boys never fought, at least not like that.  I have three sons, mind you there is seven years age difference between each of them.  Might have been different had they been closer in age.

garnett109 said...

No such thing today as a fist fight the do drive bys now

swibirun said...

The article was written from a sensationalist point of view and they picked a very poor example of an instructor.  

My son has taken karate and jiu-jitsu.  The two of them together are pretty much "mixed martial arts".  He decided he doesn't feel like doing it right now and has stopped.  I didn't care either way.  It was up to him.  (Ironically, I started training because he was already doing it.) When it came to sparring (contests in controlled situations with protective equipment), that was his favorite part.  The ONLY time I have seen a child cry in sparring in 3 years was one kid who got in trouble because he was being too agressive and out of control in sparring.  My 19 y/o son went through all the little league, football, and basketball and I saw more poor sportsmanship (mostly on the part of parents) and kids crying in those than I have ever seen with my 8 y/o son's martial arts competitions.  

At this school, most of the kids' parents also take classes, including sparring.  Not just the dads, but the moms too.  It is a fun, family oriented program.  I HATED fighting as a kid and avoided any physical confrontation.  But I really enjoy sparring in martial arts.  They are two totally different things.   Sparring is more about a physical chess match and is absent of anger.  

I don't have a problem with a mixed martial arts competitive youth league as long as it provides for regulations, safety equipment, and minimum standards for instructor qualifications.  It should be no different than other youth sports.  The problem with this article is they portrayed this in an inflammatory way, making it seem like these kids were going to be thrown into a cage for bar knuckle fighting.  From the article, I don't know what the parameters of the new law are.