Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Back...

Hi Everyone!

I'm back.... :-) Yes, I am ALIVE!

Ok a few weeks ago now I had my AOL open & it crashed on me. Well every so often that happens & no big deal. This time...I could not open it at all. I was busy with school & presenting at a conference etc so just this past Sun I finally had to remove the probram from my computer & then download it again. I downloaded the 10.0, anyone using that? It is different but not too bad. Anyone know how or IF you can change the environment colors or background. I found you can place a picture in the center of the background but it did not take up the whole background like the 9.0.

I can't get use to the new IE idea of tabs. I keep closing down the full browser rather than a particular tab. Ugh!

Lets see what can I update you on. I went from a cast to 2 soft casts & last week I got out of those & into a brace for my one foot. Sat during the conference I had to take that off as it was making some nerve in my foot pulsate. I called the doc yesterday but he has not called me back yet which is very odd. Yesterday my ankle was bothering me & then the back of both sides of my foot (achilles) was swollen.

I saw the doc I saw a number of years ago for my thumbs. I was getting some tingling on my hand between my thumb & index finger & my right hand is more swollen on the underneath side & in particular when my fingers meet my hand. I was clapping a few months ago at a dinner & they just blew up & I couldn't bend my fingers. I guess it is from typing & using the mouse too much he says! Ugh! I have the mouse on my right hand at home but left at work. Most of my family has the mouse on the left, even though only 1 of us is left handed because our viewpoint is use both hands at once & keep your right hand for typing. I need to change my home one back to left first & then I don't know how I'm going to type less but...he says some PT will help it out....where have I heard that before! OMG! Ok, so that is the back, feet, knees & hand now getting PT!!!! Do you think I can get a price reduction for all this? I might as well live there. Just pathetic! While I don't want to piss off God...when he was designing us why didn't he come up with the idea of just stopping in for replacement parts! HA! I'll go back in line for some more hair too! I hate thin hair! HA! And permanent color...what is with all this 6 weeks & you have to spruce up your hair! So much for technology! HA! I mean I'm for chaning it but once you change it, it stays until you want to change it again. Whatcha think! HA! Now that makes me think that God can't be a woman or she would have certain thought of hair & sagging breasts etc! HA!

Ok, so I also have to still order a new sound card. The one I got from BestBuy did not have a spot for front plug ins. They said none on the market due. Dell said they had one I could get cheaper & then they would give me another for $6 that I can plug in the front ones to.

I went up north last weekend to my favorite confernece on teaching Psych. My presentation went well, at least I thought so & many came up to me later saying they liked my presentation. I judged the student poster contest again. I got to see some wonderful colleagues & friends. I may post on some ideas later! One of my friends who went to the same college as I did but we did not know each other then ended up not being their because he & his wife had their baby. They had a little girl which I'm thrilled. He had 2 boys already & I'm sorry it is just a different experience for daddy's when they have a girl. They have a leap year one which he told his wife not to have! HA! She is just adorable & today I found some cute onezies (sp?) with funny sayings on them! I want to go get a mommy bear for them too. I remember I was like 13 yrs old when I first experinece the power of that mother's heart beat. I was babysitting a little girl "Elizabeth", still remember, and she went from red faced no breathing crying to just being knocked out sleeping in seconds! I call it the Miracle Bear! HA!

Ok, then last week I had to get midterms ready. My students have from mid last week to mid this week to get them completed. Just Busy, Busy, Busy as you can see but heck you know what they say...if my mind were to have the chance to be idle...oh boy that would not be good...what trouble I could get into! HA! ;-) But I could use a little trouble Hee Hee!

My dad made reservations for me to fly out to AZ for my spring break. Sat-Sat. Ahhh...I do hope it work out with my foot etc. I am hoping to see a friend in Phoenix while I'm there also. He called me back & his spring break is the week before so I think it will work out. He is all excited to see me. I figured the warmth & sun may help & I haven't seen my folks house out there. Now I'll be able to imagine them better when they are there in the winter. I really would like to see the Grand Canyon but I'm not sure I'll get to. I always thought I would with someone special but heck who knows if that will happen & I guess I could always go again. I even had a dream last week of all this mountaineous red rock outside a big picture window I was looking outside of. I must really want to see it.

Well I have one other special post I want to do & I have to also get back to work so more later...


chat2missie said...

I had AOL 10. but I unistalled it and went back to 9VR.  It worked fine for about a week, and then I slowly started having problems.  Especially with mail. I would open up the mail and then AOL would freeze.  Hope it doesn't do that to you.

sunnyside46 said...

you have been having a busy time.
what was your presetation on?
I really admiire people who can make speeches like that.
DId you do a powerpoint?
what I dont' understand is why, when you are younger & you have little kids, you could sleep so well, but when your kids are grown and you could lay in bed all you like, you are awake half the night!

mariealicejoan said...

Glad to know you are alright.  I had wondered where you had gotten to!

slapinions said...

Welcome back!