Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Lovely Day For Me

Hi Everyone!

Well, before I went to bed I wanted to let you all know I had a lovely day. Yes, I am official another year older. I had a lovely day. My folks took me to Tubac to shop! They got me two charms for my charm bracelet...a indian feather and a little lizard dude! :-) The temperature was about 70 so that was so nice for me. We had sandwiches in a quaint deli & I did some people watching. We then came back & I met some friends of my folks. They were a hoot! The woman is like 69 yrs old & you would never believe it. Her boyfriend of 11 yrs who lives with her (YA...keep listening!) is 82 & that shocked me even more. There is no way he is 79! She knew what "Helicopter Parents" where & the expression! Wow! Now this is the couple who have pictures in their home hanging of naked I am NOT kidding. Mom says in the bathroom they have a picture of Can Can girls in a chorus line & if you look at it twice you realize they are all naked! HA! As we are leaving she is calling for her husband to say goodbye. He isn't coming so she says to me, "He is probably on the dirty net" I almost died laughing! He is a retired police officer from Long Island! Mom says her husband sent her to some weight loss thing, which I can't believe because she is thin, and he said...OMG...because he couldn't lift her to get her on the kitchen counter to "do it"! Do you believe this? I'm like this senior area is like a Desperate Housewives for the elderly. Then the woman is complaining about the new neighbors saying their dogs are left out for 2 days with noone home. She call the cops etc & she tells me "I told the dogs to Shut the F*%$ up!" I'm just laughing like OMG I can't believe I'm hearing all this! I'm going to write a book on all of them! Ok, so that was a good portion of my humor for the day & some perspective on age or shall I say LIFE and how I feel really young quite frankly with them being the age they are and how young they appear to still be as far as their spirits!

Next my folks take me to the Casino near them that has this fancy restaurant near the theater there that has all the shows like Willie Nelson & the Platters etc. They had prime rib & I almost did but I went for the shrimp pesto pasta. I love pesto & haven't had it in so long. They surprised me with a little dessert with a candle. Dad & I ate it. Incredibly rich chocolate think? Not cheesecake but like that & with strawberry topping & a strawberry. I love strawberries. Then we went into the Casino. I should say I am not a Casino person. I only went twice when my one brother was in the industry for like 9 yrs. So I put my $5 in the 2 cent slot machine. Little fishies! HA! It lasted about 10 min. Mom spent $6 also & lasted about 15 min & then we left! HA! Sunday they had taken me to Bingo which did have a game for $800.00 but didn't win anything all night. Man are those Bingo players a breed also! Wow! It was fun though! I was 1 number away a few times! The games were so wild though! OH & this other man my folks introduced me to is 82 & he hit on me! No joke. He keeps my hand that I'm shaking his with & he says if you need someone to go to dinner with just call him...until Wed..that is when his girlfriend will be back in town! HA! He has devilish eyes too! What a flirt! HA! My mom even warned me. Now he & his girlfriend do not live together...they just "visit each other" as my Mom puts it! HA! My folks have the poop on everyone around here. So funny! Everyone knows everyone but they have a great time! They sit in their Arizona rooms with the patio furniture & drink & have fun...I think we should start this much earlier! HA!

We came back home & Mom & I watched Feast of Love! OMG...are they making rated R movies more nude or am I just getting old? My one niece saw it & I'm thinking wow! But I will say it was a good movie as far as meaning. Very deep but I think they could have still done all the meaning without going so far with the nudity. I just think they could have gone so far and been more suggestive....we get the point, we are not stupid! HA! Am I getting old? This must be a sign! HA! It is all about being brave with love & not giving up. Trying again when you have been hurt...again and again and again...That I do love and agree with.

Oh I forgot to tell you, when we were in a store in Tubac, the song came on "They say its your Birthday..." HA! Isn't that just too funny...what is the odds?
I will admit I am not too fond of uneven number birthdays. I know I should just be grateful to reach it & live another day but there just seems to be something about them that is not quite right. My birthday being the 18th is even numbered so maybe that is it, but then the year I was born in uneven so? It was like when I was 27 it felt old? Ha! Probably just me but...I know, I know...I wish I was 27 now...don't think it is old now. Well, maybe not? What was I doing at 27? HA!

On another note, I bought my folks this Find It game. It is suppose to be this great cognitive thing. I'm playing it! I have 8 more things to find & it is driving me crazy! So frustrating! HA! Nasty for high need for achievers! HA!

Ok, I'll keep you posted! When I get back I'll try to upload pictures.


chat2missie said...

I'm glad you had a good Birthday!

mariealicejoan said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!