Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well That Didn't Take Long...Ugh!

Ugh, well that didn't take long! I wore the walking boot home that evening & the rest of the night. I had it on in the morning & as I was getting in the shower for the first time my back was bothering me already! My toe was getting tingly/numb....UGH!!!! It hasn't done that in months! Then up my way! My doc was like just call me if you have I try & he is not on call. I talked to the one who was & he was WONDERFUL! He said that the boots are not great for those with back problems! Ugh! I think it caused some of my back problems from being in it for so long before & after my surgery! I told him I was so sorry to bother him but I just needed to know if I walked very carefully this weekend without the boot if he thought I would be ok. I said I wasn't planning on doing major mall shopping or going on the treadmill or anything. He said he thought so but if it was hurting to call him & he would go in special to the office & cast me up. As I thanked him & apologized again for bothering him, he kept saying he would go in...3 times! He was sooooo sweet! Then I asked if Dr. Z. would be in the office on Mon with the holiday & he said he would all day but that he could see me on Mon at the other location. I was thinking 'why wouldn't I go to my doc???' I thanked him & said I would just put a call out to Dr. Z. on Mon. It actually made me feel he was fighting over me? I know stupid & probably not but he just kept going on & on how he would go into the office special this weekend. Then I thought...maybe he wants an excuse to get out of something or the house! HA! Now these guys are WONDERFUL! All of them & that is why I drive over an hour each way to see them. They have never steered me wrong & as much as I may not like to do what they say, I do listen.

Well, yesterday I thought we were getting an ice storm today, so I figured go out & run errands. I got a pedicure & manicure (Pink a light pink pretty mood) & did a small bit of grocery shopping to have something to eat if I was stuck in the next couple of days. I also went to see "Definitely, Maybe" which I'll post on separately after this one. It was pretty good I'll just say now. We never got the ice last night starting at 11pm as they said. In fact, it is 55 degrees here right now! But if you look at the map, you can see the rain & then snow behind it so we probably will still get it. I'm going to try to pull my SUV out of the garage & do some LIGHT work. Get my x-mas stuff put in the totes (I know but...) and rearrange a few things. Go through my totes that have my old SUV stuff in it. Then I'll take a shower & wait for our storm to come. I have off tomorrow so that helps. I want to do some inside stuff too & catch up on some things from work. I have to get my presentation done for the conference...not much really...mostly "show & tell" and my paper for my class next week. Well, we'll see hows things go...


chat2missie said...

I hated wearing my boot!  I also had problems with tingling.  We're at 62 degrees here right now, but another cold front is due to come thru later today.  Darn it!  Have a good Monday!

sunnyside46 said...

It seems like you have had those foot probs for so long...I know it seems that way to you....glad you have good is it today?