Monday, February 4, 2008

MRI, Fog & Cool Jeans! :-)

Well...2 more weeks...ugh! I asked for dark blue...they must have picked the wrong package because it dried light blue. Not bad...goes with my light jeans & you can sign it more than a dark one so...It is a little tighter but my foot is sticking out more on this one. At least my baby toe won't get as irritated. Problem is I'm finding I am walking (flexing) down on the front of my foot & it feels like like my ankle goes too a bit. Not good...he doesn't want me using it still. I got my MRI today & he took a quick look at a few slides. The report will come in 48 hours. He showed me how my tendon should be this lovely continuous black thick line but instead I have a section of white which is swelling. Then my achilles is swollen also. It had been bothering me a bit in the cast. He believes I do have a tear in my tendon. He said sometimes it just appears on the MRI as a big blob of swelling. He doesn't want it to rupture and the best course of action is to make sure I don't use it. He gave me the evil eye when I said last week I was walking a bit too fast & got a huge pain in my left SI joint. I then slowed down. foot wasn't hurting so...and I thought the whole point of the cast is so I can walk. HA! If I'm not in huge pain I'm going to go on with my life. You have to really stop me if you want me to sit down. Stopping me from talking is interesting too Ha! ;-) Of course the one time I had laryngitis...OMG...I was sooo frustrated. My body I think became even more active to compensate. I'm sure he will call me if the report has something more or if he looks at it more & finds anything else. My leg was just pathetic! It was shedding like a snake! Ugh! Well I don't have to go for a chemical peel on that leg...ha!

My other foot is getting a bit more bothered but it wasn't too bad. It is probably from not being able to wear my orthotics. I am going to try my new Mizuno gym shoes without my orthotics. It still may help. Mizuno recycles their old shoes. I was so happy about that. Those were light blue too (trim), got a dark blue goodness my grandmother must be talking to me. Her favorite color was blue. Maybe if I can't go to downtown to PT tomorrow I can catch a matinee before the storm comes and get some groceries?

Well, I had fun atleast wearing one of my 3 new pairs of butterfly jeans! :-) He liked these too. I wore one other pair the last time. I've been getting a lot of compliments on these. Gotta make it fun you know! I don't care what "Stacy & Clinton" would say. Who are they to tell me that I can't wear fun clothes at my age! Just wait until they are my age & see if they like it. Why do younger people think they know what is good for others who are older...OMG...I've turned into my folks I think! Ha! Although wait...I recall when we were kids we always wanted our parents to keep up with the times right so.... And I needed the fun especially since today was not fun driving. We had TONS of fog! OMG...driving back on our major highway I was following red lights. I made sure to stay a bit back but I wanted to be near a car. Just a bit I was leading & did not like that at all. You could not see anything and then it was lightning & you couldn't see where it was coming from. The storms our south of us thankfully. I was just praying the deer did not decide to go for a stroll & get disoriented. Tomorrow we are suppose to get 5-7 inches of snow in the evening again! Ugh! It is 44 degrees right now. This is the craziest winter we have had in a long time. ankle is hurting now...I wasn't even walking on it...geez! Ok, later...


mariealicejoan said...

What pretty jeans!  I am sorry you are having so much bother with your foot.  Hope it soon mends!

chat2missie said...

I love butterflys and I love those Jeans!  Take it easy on that cast!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

It was awesome here yesterday too and now we just got pelted with freezing rain and now it is snowing on top of that..we also had a thunder storm last night in the middle of the night I was woken up by it..the weather is hoping you will get your cast off soon and be back to normal!  Big hugs,TerryAnn

sunnyside46 said...

your attitude is great. I would be crazy by now. I am so loving the jeans. I , too , rfuse to dress like an old lady. I read in Oprah magazine that if you are in your 50s ,that you shouldn't wear souvenir t shirts. Huh! That is a major part of my wardrobe!