Friday, February 15, 2008

Update...Busy Week


Wow...busy week! Trying to get my students ready for their first exam this weekend. Tues I didn't make it downtown for PT due to the weather & book publisher reps visiting me when I had to leave. I got invited to be a part of a program, or rather to listen to what would be involved, with a University. The program would bring grad students to teach/lecture on their research etc at our campus. I'm excited to go to the meeting in a few weeks at a conference I will be presenting at up north. If it works out it would help me out & I'm all for that.

Dr. Z. wanted me to come in Wed to get my cast off & check my ankle but I couldn't come in. Couldn't miss the day before an exam & I was not crying in pain. I just thought maybe I could get in earlier if it was convenient with my schedule today I got my cast off. He poked & prodded a bit & it didn't make me jump. Hmmm? I asked why it had been hurting this week more though & he said when the swelling goes down then the muscle starts to heal & using it can cause it. It has been like a dull ache pain & not sharp shooting type. He asked if I wanted a cast or walking boot. I asked what he thought & he said he was 90% I would be ok in the boot & I can take it off & ice it, get the much needed pedicure & man put like a vat of lotion on my leg! Man! I can also take a nice hot bubble bath if I want so I went for the boot. It is more bulky & harder to walk in though. Ugh! I sure will be glad to sleep in bed though tonight without the cast. He did say if it starts to bother me to just give him a call. My aunt was in there today too but she didn't realize & left before I got out. He was teasing me about us both being there.

I didn't find out about NIU until after my evening class. One of my students gave me misinformation so when I got home I finished getting their exam on to stay focused & then I went on the internet to read about it first...didn't want the sensationalistic media first. My sister graduated from NIU so it is hard to see this & way too close to home for me. Of course I had to discuss this with my students today. We'll see how things are next week. We did get camerasin our hallways last year but we still have the parking lot to do. Not sure how much that will help except after the fact. In a way, it is hard because I'm in a classroom with 1 door so we would not have an out really. Even after Virginia Tech I told my students just to keep their cell phones on but put them to vibrate or silence them if they would scream out when they get ha...when Chris vibrated me in church...OMG! Ha! I'm sure God was rolling his eyes and shaking his head at me that day. It is just so sad. One girl who was injured lives in our area but she is not too bad. I'll talk more about it in a later post. My eyes are just so tired. I was up until about 3:30 this morning so it is time to get this boot off & lay down but just wanted to update you a bit and say I'll post more over my 3 day weekend!


mariealicejoan said...

Glad to hear you got your cast off.  I had not heard about the NIU thing.  I haven't been watching the telly for the past few days so missed it.  simply tragic.  It's so sad that this keeps happening.  :-(  There are no safe havens anymore.
Hope you have a nice weekend!

luddie343 said...

What's going on in this country, eh?  Shooting each other like it's just another day.  Well I hope your pain lessens before long, at least.  Stay well - CATHY  

swibirun said...

NIU was a very sad situation once again.  

Glad you finally got your prison..errr...cast off :)

Have a great weekend!