Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just Pathetic!

I know, I know...can anyone tell me why it is whenever Smokey & the Bandit is on I have to watch it. WHY do I enjoy this so much still. I mean at the time, before we had Aliens coming out of stomachs etc it was cool and that is pathetic but to still watch is lame now right? I just don't get it! HA! Now the 2nd one with Dom Deluise...oh man he still cracks me up! That guy is just funny! He always has me in tears laughing! And women know...not a good thing to do when you get older...women will get that! HA!

Maybe it is the fast car chases? Maybe the high need for achiever in me...the idea that he can accomplish his goal & take on another risk? It can't be running from the law because of course I hold them in the highest regard & I'm a very good girl myself ;-)

And God knows I am not a fan of Burt Reynolds in his older age...he is not very nice to the ladies, though can you believe everything???? Tight jeans now that ya but...ha!

OH....I know...the MUSTACHE! Yep, I love Mustaches & Beards! ;-) They tickle! HA! At least if they are not mine...ha...(Groan I know, I know! Ha! Us Older Women will understand that too but never admit to it!) See that is why I like Tom Selleck too! HA! YUMMY! And really...hmmm Magnum PI...ah ha...I'm seeing a bit of a pattern here. I bit different but fast car, guy with mustahe...ok, well where is today's show like that? Someone get writing! Who could we have as our actor? Hmmm?


mariealicejoan said...

When Burt was a younger man, he really had it going on.  I thought he was a babe!  I have loved pretty much everything he did in those younger years, and especially that show Evening Shade.  I would watch Smokey if it was on my telly now and probably tommorrow too.  It is a favourite of mine!

sunnyside46 said...

hey he looks good to me!

sugarsweet056 said...

Congrats on being a Guest Editors pick over at Magic Smoke. ;)

swibirun said...

Ok, just don't tell us that you are watching a BJ and The Bear marathon ;)

Have a great weekend!