Monday, February 4, 2008

Patrick's Sunday Seven

Well, a journal named "Me Thinks Too Much" just has to participate in Patrick's Sunday Seven this week when it asks "What Seven Things Were On Your Mind Today". Seven...that is all? Give me a Break! Ha! And yes, I know it is technically Monday now, but I am just getting caught up since I had so much on my mind! HA!

Ok, lets see...

1. Why didn't I check the movie listings for today yesterday?

I got up at 8am this morning thinking I would head up north for 10:30am to see "An Affair to Remember" on the big screen, only to realize they only showed it yesterday! Ugh...I'm going back to bed!

2. Why am I having the weirdest dreams lately?

Maybe because I'm actually sleeping long enough to even dream at all lately! Ha! Last week 3 in one night on Safety issues. Had those when I first went to College all about my family in danger. Probably due to nasty weather lately & my recent roll over. This morning one was a was going through a cabinet & it had a hole like for a mouse & the animal in there was a red cat. I took it out & had it with me taking care of it & hiding it in a bag to go to a 'Fleetwood Mac' (no lie) benefit concert at some local location. (Rolls Eyes) but the kitty was sooo sweet! Maybe Dusty was sleeping on me & it got into there? 

3. Alvin & The Chipmunks was pretty funny!

I went to see this movie in town instead & had a BLAST! Why did it take them so long to make this considering it was created so long ago!

4. I want an Email to a Weatherman! Just one! UGH!!!

I leave the house at 2:30pm & the has a nice day predicted! I walk out of my Chinese New Year Party (about 25 of us) and we have a BLIZZARD! No Lie! It was dark & you could only see 1/2 block ahead! HUGE HEAVY chunks of snow! I get home 2 inches per hour they are saying! I want a job that I can be paid for being wrong so much! Why even bother checking with them. I can just look out the window at the time!

5. Multifaceted of consciousness...Dear God get me home safely! 20mph & I'm still uneasy! And thank God everyone is watching the Superbowl right now & are not on the roads. Protect all those drunks who will be on the roads later with this & all the officers who have to deal with this. Thank you God for getting me home safely! Gotta call the siblings!!

6.  Freezing rain canceled for tomorrow...maybe I won't have to cancel my MRI again & can get this cast off my foot...Woo Hoo!

7. 2am & you are not in bed...AGAIN! HA! Oh I can sleep to 10am! :-)

Extra Credit...

Man I loved that Victoria Secret commerical during the Super Bowl. HA! Don't get the wrong idea...just a VERY GOOD idea! ;-) ...but it did make the researcher in me wonder...if your team won are couples more likely to have sex? Or...if you lost would you take care of your sorrow that way? Hmmm? Either Hypothesis is interesting...everyone wins! HA!

Love that Comcast phone commercial with the kid & the fish tank too! :-)
By the time HS Reunion actually airs on March 5th we will have seen everything already! Ugh!

Ok...I better end this between thoughts or I will never stop...

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sunnyside46 said...

well I'm glad you made it...that drive sounds really scary to me.
I dont do football, I was out doin the Mardi Gras thing, but I saw Tom Petty on YOu tube, he still rocks it for me!
The Chinese New Year Party sounds like fun.