Sunday, February 10, 2008

And thats a Weekend...

Hi Everyone!

Well I got my hair done on Sat & that just perks me up so much. Just a trim though...growing & growing...ha! I think it is almost the longest it has been since I was a kid. :-)

I then headed up north to spend some time with my little niece. We went to see Enchanted. She had seen it but I had not. Oh man am I glad I saw it. I was like a little girl watching it! HA! It was really much better than I thought & had some very interesting messages in there that I was glad to be reminded of & that my niece would hear & we could discuss. I really loved the song "How Will She Know" (below) of course you can equally say "How Will He Know"...I really love that idea. Many times we stop doing the things that we did when we first started dating & that is just soooo sad. Tell me when someone does not want romance anymore! What woman does not want to feel like a princess? Queen is different to me...princess is much better! :-) And do you still treat your love as "your prince?" Of course it is quite easy with Patrick as a prince Ha...but does your man feel like you'd pick him as your prince over any other on this planet? Get the idea? ;-) And do you remind your princess she is the one you would choose?

I remember Loretta LaRoche talking about how we can role play at home with costumes & props! She is a hoot!

 People laugh or scuff on "Happily Ever After". They say no one knows how obsessive compulsive Cinderella was or how Prince Charming loved his horse a bit too much (sorry but...) but it is all on how you define it AND you making it that way yourself. No, not trying to please them so much that you just lose it totally, yourself or just do anything & everything to please them, I'm not talking about that, but many times people are just on the other side of the spectrum. It should be easy because it makes you smile & your heart warm to do those things for them. Ya, almost like they suggest in the movie, singing & dancing. When is the last time you felt like that? People say it is just the "honeymoon phase" but no one can tell you when it ends! I know some old men who still call their wives "their Bride" or "My darling/sweetheart" etc. And you know how your girlfriends would be reacting if you husband called you princess & authentically meant it & did it regularly. Oh man...they would be sooooo crazy! HA! And really how hard is it to do that? Does it take a lot of time? Does it take a lot of energy? it is worth soooo much more than any flowers or diamonds or anything. We make Valentines Day such a pressure thing & commercial thing & it just doesn't have to be. It is really "SIMPLE!"

Good Lord...I know I'm in "little girl dreamworld" Ha! No, seriously it just gets me when I'm out in the mall or at a restaurant etc & see how people are with each other & how they don't see how lucky they really are. I know, not all...many abusive etc but just others that are really stale or complacent & taking each other for granted etc. And who cares who starts first, you'll end up benefitting & you get in return what you put out. I hear, "Well, why do I have to, why can't he or he should first" Good they know how that sounds...remember..."he touched me first!" Ha!

I also loved how in the movie the princess saves the prince! Woo Hoo! It is kinda like The Paper Bag Princess by Robert N. Munsch, except the Prince is good in the movie! And I also love how even though things appeared not to be working out or things "changed" they still turned out perfect! They were the path to get the right person. Sometimes in life spirits connect and the road winds many different ways before those spirits can really get together for good. Life is strange, but it all has a purpose & reason to me.

After the movie we went to B&N & she got the 2nd book to The Golden Compass to read. We also got a funny book for my cousin's daughter who will be 3 yrs old next week. It is called Waking Beauty and the poor prince will not listen to the fairy godmothers & tries ALL KINDS of ways to wake up the princes...HA! I also got her this very pretty dress with yellow flowers that came with a matching dress for her doll. My niece just loved it. She told me she needed a new dress in case she went somewhere fancy with her grandparents when she visits them in AZ during spring break! Ha! Oh & a new bathing suit! She loves dresses. So do I but unfortunately, still can't walk in the shoes dresses yet! As soon as I get the green light & get exercising the first thing I'll do is get a real pretty pink dress...ok then a very lovely black one! ;-)

Well, today my niece & I went to see The Waterhorse, which was also lovely! We had a great time. We were at the edge of our seats at times. It is also a great opportunity to discuss WWII with my niece. I took her home & for once gas was a lot cheaper where she lives....$2.85! :-)

Well, I have to still return my sound card tomorrow & see if I can get one without ordering it through Dell. Well I'm actually pretty tired. I actually think I may go to sleep & just get up early & do some work. Shhh...don't tell Sugar she may revoke my Energizer Bunny Award. HA! :-)


mariealicejoan said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!  I have not seen the film Enchanted yet.  I missed it when it came through here because of work committments.  I Hope to catch it on video though!  Have a great week!

slapinions said...

I had advance screening tix to both Enchanted and the Water Horse and missed both. The girls are still hankering to see Enchanted.

I'm jealous of ya, even if I have no real desire to see either lol