Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vacation...Here I Come!


Well, today was my first official day of Vacation! YA! Odd feeling! 3 weeks off & then I will have 1 or 2 classes on T & TH only so 4 day weekends & then a day in between off! :-)

Sat was graduation & our Lt. Gov did a pathetic Graduation Speech! It was a political speech & not a motivational one for grads. ugh...Politicians! My back didn't like the folding chair either! It is a bit stiffer now. Numb foot is about the same...called the doc & they are going to have the nurse look at my MRI & call to let me know a bit more.

I want to go to some beach & just lay in the sand, listen to the ocean waves & the sea gulls & relax for a few weeks! Maybe a lovely walk picking up pretty sea shells...building a sand castle...Sigh....

Ok, so a bunch of fun on the beach could be the next week! HA!
Today I took Sam & Ella to the vet today. Went to the other location & got to meet the reptile doc. Sam had to get the same shots today & I have to put some ointment on the top of his neck & shell. She thinks a burn. I have the light the highest height??? Have to go back Wed & Fri for shots again. They are both doing ok weight wise...now Sam isn't overweight but same weight??? I don't know. I got them some new ledges for their tank & bought a little pool they had at Petsmart to have them swim outside this summer. I got them walking in the grass a bit today. All the guys in my apt came out to watch. HA! Doesn't take much. Too bad they are all young things! They have been helpful to me with my back I will say. In fact lately I don't know why...like this guy probably 50s in the grocery store asked me if he could help me find something. I was just walking down the aisle & wasn't really searching for anything. I was looking for Purina Puppy Chow...suppose to give Sam & Ella some. I told him it was for my turtles & he was like all interested to know about them????

Then there were these two guys in Barnes & Noble. I asked for my items for graduation gifts & they both came helping me. One I'd say a bit younger than me & the other is I think 5 yrs older. Well, short story is I ended up having a lovely 30 min conversation with the older one and he invited me somewhere his treat. Hmmm! Gave me his card for his other profession & that is how I know he is 5 yrs older. We were having a great time laughing at the humor books. Like the one with all the warning labels...don't blow dry your hair while sleeping in the bath tube etc. HA! And hey he is a Cubs fan! Had a Cubs watch on & a t-shirt under his button down so that certainly is in his favor! I'll let you know if anything more comes of it but it just feels odd lately...that is not quite the right word? Hmmm? Figures with my back out of commission. I always have lousy timing!  I just never really think they are interested? I don't know maybe he was just being nice?

I got my first summer flowers today too. Bought 3 different color little violas. I'm going to plant them tomorrow.

Yesterday I spent the day with the oldest of my two bros. We did some shopping, had a nice dinner & then saw Spiderman on the IMAX. It was a very nice day with him.

Well tomorrow (today) I take Country to the vet in the morning. He is getting his teeth cleaned, exam & his thyroid tested. I think it is up again and he has this weird jerking but I don't think seizures? He seem very cognizant when he twitches? Maybe tourettes? HA! Seriously, I do think it is something? We'll see. Dusty will have his turn in a few weeks. I may go see "Georgia Rule" with a friend tomorrow night. I can't wait to see it. It was 94 here today but lovely. Looks like it is going to get cooler now & strong storms staring tomorrow afternoon...ugh! Where is that beach!?!
(she should have blonde hair but...and I wish my hair was that long...getting there...and it isn't curly but she is certainly my spirit)

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