Saturday, May 26, 2007

Doctors...Ugh! this week was just exhausting. Ok, lets see I'll have to update you. I'm still pissed but there is some good news also!

Well, I spent the whole week practically on the phone trying to make appointments with doctors. It is just crazy that you can't get into anyone for months. Ya, I have a boring life. I can just sit on my butt watching Springer for months until you can see me! Geez...these doctors must have no life & think we shouldn't either. I know it may not be their fault totally, I mean the hospital should have enough doctors on staff so...but I'm just pissed!

I got into one back doc within the same dept as the one I saw for a 2nd opinion. The receptionist is like...well usually a 2nd opinion is outside...I know I'll go outside too but guess what! She was shocked, as I kinda was really, he doesn't think I need surgery. Hmmm. He is extremely well respected. Heck, people are just asking me in the waiting rooms, etc & they like want to kiss this doc's feet. I even met someone I graduated HS with (didn't know her then) & she had her surgery with him & loves him. Now the hospital retires docs from surgery at 65 yrs but he does consultations, is a prof. and will be in the operating room if you want him to be to watch/oversee. He did more things with me. In fact, I found out I can't walk on my heals. As soon as I pull my foot up it spasms my quad & just doesn't work with my shin etc. Even still he says he thinks if I get a cortisone shot it will alleviate a great deal of my symptoms. Then after that PT. So that is good....except the thought of a cortisone shot in my spine is not something I'm too happy about. They were nasty in my SI joints years ago. He came in special for me on Friday which was nice but he wasn't the most cheery guy. I don't know if he was pissed at me, I did find out my other doc asked him to see me, or if that is him normally. I'll put up with a bit of it, if they are really good but only up to a point. I've told off quite a few docs in my time.

Ok, so then hmm what to think, I mean the other guy is supper sweet...I thought he was even going to hug me...but he says I definitely need surgery & give the impression like right away, now this guy opposite...Ya, they are "practicing"! The first guy was you are too young to have all these back problems & we have to fix you up so you won't be in pain. Ugh! I just don't like them practicing on me! They should know by now! Makes me want to take my needles & give them a bit of pain so they would understand. For two days my big toe was sooo ugh...tingling like crazy & numb. Today considerably better but getting worse tonight. My hips hurt a bit & upper back a small spasm on side? Now I have to find another doc outside of this hospital to see & I still have that Vax-D apt for Tues.

I can't get into the ortho or rheumatologist for me hip yet, but the doc said the report is only saying mild inflammation & not the disorder thing so that was the other good least I hope it stays that way. It was really throwing me for a loop thinking I might have that. Very odd. The attending said I could try treadmilling slowly or like 2 times around the block.

I left a message with patient relations...I'm still pissed on these past doctors who didn't do anything proactively about my back. This is just not right!

I had to run around with Sam & Ella & Country too. My turtle babies are still sick & I am trying to take care of them & me at the same time. Country was a good boy getting his stitches out...the ones he had not taken out himself already. I'm just pooped! I need a break with no health problems & in great health for a while! I need...I need...hmmm well lets not go there...and that is another thing, this back is just interferring with my life way too much! Ugh! I can't even do any Retail Therapy because I can't walk long or carry anything! Ugh! Hmm I can see why people get hooked to online shopping! HA! What I really need is a major house cleaner! Ugh! It is just hard to keep up when you are hurting you know. Ok, well I think that catches you up & I'll keep you updated.


chat2missie said...

My father in law had really bad back problems.  One dr suggested surgery, the other one said no, the shot of cortisone in the spine will work.  He went with the shot, and is doing very well.  He just had it about a month ago.  He's glad he did that rather than the surgery.

mikev009 said...

Well a little known fact is that to sign up for many insurance companies you need to agree to see patients in a certain time frame.  You can contact your insurance company and see if they have any such policy.  ~ Mike

acoward15 said...

Is that American pissed or British pissed?

princesssaurora said...

I am sorry that you are having such difficulties with all this... I am sending you prayers...

be well,

jmoqueen said...

What a nightmare you are having with the doctors.  I hope you get everything sorted and your turtle babies get better xx


sunnyside46 said...

I have had back problems and it was the worst!
I hope you are feeling better by now.
If it reassures you, I had the shot in the spine and it was not bad at all, just a pinch.
I'm a real wimp too, so if I said it's not bad,; it's really not bad.