Monday, May 21, 2007

Not too Bad...

Well I guess it is still good because it does bring us to the weekend! HA!Not too busy of a day. Took Sam to get his shots. She wants him to come back Thurs again but he is getting better. She got concerned when we were leaving because as we were talking she was watching him apparently (good doc!) & he was in his shell & not coming out. Turtles can get stressed very easily & it can cause problems so she asked if I would mind if she took him & put him on the floor. She nudged him & he did come out. He was going nuts in the car. Hey, I'd hide in a shell if I had one if this person was giving me shots all the time. HA!

Next we come to Country's doc! He faxed me a little note on his Chem profile to talk to him about his Thyroid levels. 3 times the normal...ugh! Well, we are going to do 2 pills a day & see in 2 weeks where he is at. We also talk about the Radioactive Cat procedure. Have any of you had this done for your cat? I am taking Country in to get the few stitches out that he did not take out himself on Thurs, so I can ask some more questions. The cost is the issue primarily would be nice to not have to worry about giving him meds twice a day & then if I go somewhere or I'm ill others can't do this so...his poor metabolism is so high & yet this kitty is not very low in weight...I wonder what will happy when they get it back down to normal? And he is not the most active but that is probably because it really exhausts him...especially on Catnip!

Of course they both sleep the better part of the day...what a life! HA! I plan on a bit more of that later this week myself. I deserve it. I woke up from goofy dreams again this morning. Ugh...Will the high achiever anxiety never end! HA! I think it may be because I'm contemplating going back to school? I don't know but I can't find a program I want. Then just the pressure of it? But it would be nice too? I get this crazy feeling every once in a while. I should justlet it pass...or God gives me something else that gets in the way...I think on purpose! HA! I just have this itch for learning & growing again. Maybe just taking a few classes this summer would help???

You know I just don't get all the attention I'm getting lately. Am I like wearing some kind of sign? The other day this older guy offers to let me follow him to the street he thought I should take. I took a different way because I wanted to catch the highway early to hit some errands but he was like really very helpful? Today, in the Jewel this young thing..maybe 17 is asking me if I need help. Now, I'm just strolling to the apples & not like looking & looking & being frustrated. I'm not even there yet. I said, well I was looking for X apples & he said oh doesn't seem like we have them here, calls across to a guy & he doesn't think so. Then I said well I'll just take these then but hmm the few they had were not very red  so he goes all the way in back & gets the new boxes & bring them out & then searches in them for the reddest ones. Then I had like 5 in my hands so he walks fast to the bags & pulls me one off & holds it open for me to put them in. GEEZ! Where do you get this kind of service usually? I'm just not use to it. I wonder if he is registered for my summer class, has seen my website & is trying to get on my good side early? Ha! But then later these two older guys, look like managers, are asking me if I need help. Maybe I just look like a pathetic person who nees lots of help? Maybe they want to get me to leave as quickly as possible? Ha! I have no clue but it is like guys are running to help me & I'm like what is the deal here? I could see if I looked like some drop dead gorgeous thing but I'm far from that! It is just in the last couple of weeks? Hmmm, who put the video tape on YouTube of me? ;-) Ha! Of course I'm kidding! I'm not use to all this attention & I'm certainly not asking for it! Weird!

Well, tomorrow at 9:30 I have an apt with my neurosurgeon for my back. Wish me luck. Actually the really wierd thing is last couple of daysI have been getting a warm feeling every so often in my tushy...hey maybe it is being felt by the men HA!....and then I had real strong tingling on top of my foot the last couple of days, my left quad was killing me for 2 days & my outside edge of my foot is hurting BUT....I think I have more feeling on the top of my foot...not as numb...really odd. I'll see what he thinks tomorrow. Let you all know what is going on by evening.

I went to B&N to do some research for my students on Freshmen experience how to study etc. Bought one book, went ick to many others & took some quotes from another to share with them.

I also got the NEW SARK book "Fabulous Friendship Festival". I'm so excited to read it. I'm taking it with me to the doc. I love all her books but especially "Eat Mangoes Naked", "The Bodacious Book of Succulence" and "Succulent Wild Woman" that should tell you something about me? HA! ;-) I think I told you a while back about meeting her & when I got up to her to take a picture the person snapped it & she said "Wait!" and kinda ruined the picture running forward. She pulled the Reserve sign off one of the chairs, altered it to say NOT RESERVED, held it in front of us & then told the person to take the picture! HA! I'm not sure what she saw in me that she did that for me & not the person before or after me but somehow I think it really fit. I have the sign too! :-) I am going to get her to sign it & then frame it & hang it in my office with the picture of us. You can watch a little movie with her here!

Ok...have to get to bed so I can get up early for this doc apt.


heavenlybama said...

Hope things go well at your appt.  I've had 2 herniated disks and 3 surgeries.  Got another herniated disk in my neck but I'm putting off surgery for that as long as possible.  Have a great day!

princesssaurora said...

I am waiting to hear how your appointment goes!  I am catching up... glad to hear you are hanging tough... Prayers being sent...

be well,

chat2missie said...

Hope your appt with the Neurosurgeon went well.  Keeping fingers crossed you don't need any type of surgery.