Sunday, May 27, 2007

How Mindless We Are!

YUM! I love Chicken Flautas & this looks just like Burritto Loco's (though it isn't) which I LOVE!!!!!!

Now are you paying attention...does it look typical...ah ha!

Well, last night 20/20 was very interesting. The episode was on "Mindless Eating" featuring Brian Wansink of Cornell University.

It showed how we don't realize how much we eat & they specifically showed how if you have smaller plates or bowls you will take less. Buffets of course people eat more, I don't think that is too shocking. Thus why one gains so much weight on cruises..thank God I have never been on one.  I mean think of how we complain too of those pricey restaurants where you get a mouse's portion. Funny too how prices are going up & if restaurants gave us half & then charged us 1/2 the price then we would be better off. I always bring 1/2 my meal home. Now sure I get two meals out of it, so you can think of the price split in half, but maybe I don't need to do that you know. Next meal I can make myself & it would be even less. Of course the restaurants will not be happy with that. Even at McDonalds etc you have to get more food to save more money. If you get small you pay more, if you go cheaper you either eat more, which isn't good or you waste it...unless you have someone to split with.

NOTE: I have not eaten McDonald's & the like for ? I think it is 7 yrs now. Occasionally, when I find one, because there isn't one near me, perhaps a Sonic burger...but that will be a year in June since I've had even one of them. Another thing I have to thank a lovely gentleman for...nope that is all you get!

Now what was interesting is even kids have this problem. If you give them a smaller cereal bowl they will eat less...think of this especially if they are still eating sugar cereal!! Large bowl they eat tons! Ok, if you can't control yourself then we need to buy smaller dinner sets huh! :-)

There is a 3:44 min video on the website you can check out:

Now the next segment was one's inability to distinguish between vodka brands. Straight up Grey Goose the preferred image-wise and one of the expensive ones, was the LEAST liked.  As a mix, they could not distinguish at all. So if you want to save money!!! Makes one wonder about other types of liquor as well. Where are those beer tests?

Also, they had bartenders measuring a shot of liquor in a short fat glass vs a tall thin glass. Guess What!? Yep, they gave on avg twice as much in the short fat glass. Now, that makes me think of that lovely gentleman again. I remember getting a drink that was like twice the size...I wondered if he ask for a double for me...ha! Maybe it was just the bartender?

Also a video clip:


mariealicejoan said...

I miss the show 20/20.  I used to love watching it every Sunday night.  I agree with the fact that we eat alot without even thinking about it.  We also eat alot out of boredom. I am trying to do all that differently now and have actually lost 16 pounds, and quite painlessly as well!  

chat2missie said...

I missed that show, but I have seen where they explained that if you have smaller dishes and bowls etc, you consume less.  Needless to say, my hubby and I did go buy smaller plates etc for the reason. LOL

acoward15 said...

I don't think it takes muchin the way of research to realise that nothing good is ever going to come out of MacDonalds.