Friday, May 18, 2007

A Good Day! :-)


Today was a really nice day...ok yesterday! :-) Well, first I had to head up to the doc & get an x-ray. Tuesday I was eating my salad from my favorite salad restaurant & I thought I lost a filling. NOPE! It was a piece of metal with 3 sharp ends. Wanted to make sure no other smaller piece went down without my teeth crunching down on it. I'm happy to say none did! Some days I really think my Guardian Angel should be getting overtime pay! ;-)

I then headed to Nordstrom's Rack. I found this really cool shirt for my niece who will be 10 yrs old in July. She wants a Cheetah Girls party. She even found a Cheetah pattern bathing suit with me. Well, this shirt has a white t-shirt & then a pink strap tank (sorta) over it with brown cheetah pattern. Hard to explain but I think she will love it for her party. I also found her this really cool kit of play money. She is learning about money now & doing division also. I'm going to work with her on it this weekend. We can play "shopping" HA! I know pathetic of her many things she wants to be is a dress designer, so I can buy her dresses & she an be an entrepreneur that way I can get her "earning money" rather than "spending it" Ha! Maybe I should take this crash course too HA! Lets see how much she comes up with for the prices of her dresses! Ha!

Then I met my wellness group at an Indian Restaurant near where I grew up. I had a bit of Indian food at the Indian Cultural Center once but it was really just vegetarian meals in general. I tried almost everything today I am happy to report. Check that off the list of things to do in my life. I didn't like too much though. It was a buffet & I'm sure there are other dishes I could try. My friend was telling me "this is not hot just spicy" now she is Mexican so...ha! Needless to say I found them "Hot & Spicy" and well that is ok for something else but food I have to watch. It felt good to try something new & grow a bit in a way.

We had a fun time...the best was after someone mentioned something it reminded me of Bill Cosby's routine of "Dad is great, gives us the Chocolate Cake" and when he & his brother thought their names were "Jesus Christ" and "God D. It" ...this new woman in the group said "Oh and the one where he said...." then she says "Maybe that was Cheech & Chong" OMG...I'm still laughing ya I would always get those two confused! HA! We were dying laughing. I'll never forget that & it will be like a funny thing to say from now on.

We then went to The Great Harvest Bread Company. I tried to avoid it usually....ha! Soooo good! I love the pumpkin bread...yep got a muffin for tomorrow morning & a loaf to share with family at a graduation party I am going to on Sunday. I also love the blueberry loaf & thankfully they did not have it today. We all had pieces to try so we shared. I tried Apple Scrapple, and sampled from my friends Popeye & the Cheddar Garlic. While I was there, some teens were working & I asked if they went to the high school I did. The school is across the street. They said yes & quickly showed me their yearbook they just received. I flipped through looking at the teachers. Just a few left and man so many more. The yearbook was now all colored photos & the Seniors pages were laminated...which I don't get? I mean you can't write anything on them then because it will wipe off right???

Then we were all going to head to Trader Joes after this but ran out of time. I go there when I need to, so no biggie. They went home & I headed to Yankee Candle to pick up a diffuser my cousin suggested for her graduation gift. Next was Carsons to get her my favorite Willow Tree Angel "Courage" (check out my other journal to see!). While I was there I talked with one saleswoman & we discussed how Carson's has changed. They had no graduation items & she told me they didn't have anything for Easter...not one bunny. They also only had 4 different summer dresses for my niece's age range! GEEZ! Needless to say I didn't stay there long.

Then I headed to a Gold Crown Hallmark...geez I must have been in there an hour. Got some great Cards, my cousin some items for graduation which I'll share with you later on my other journal, and some cool wrapping. I then headed home & went to my Hallmark to find the hot pink curly bow the other didn't have. One of my past students from spring works there & we chatted for 30 min & smelled candles. She got to give me a free soy one doing her little talk about them. :-) ME LOVE FREE THINGS! HA! I did buy a lilac one. :-) I tried it a bit tonight. Didn't find my pink bow though. :-( Have to go out tomorrow. I did find the diffuser the same price & it came with a free votive & holder...I got it & will return the other one! :-)

I came home & was exhausted...well I only slept 5 hours last night, so I laid down at 8pm & set the alarm for 1 hour....RIGHT! Woke up at midnight! HA! Thus why I am still up now! So much for straightening out my hours! I've always been a night person, but this is a bit more. Even when I was in college I would start studying late at night. Well it is quieter then. Later I even worked the grave-yard shift at the desk at the guys dorm because basically I got paid to do my homework that I would be doing in my room anyways! HA! :-)

Well, it was a nice relaxing day and hopefully tomorrow (or today!) will be. I have to take Sam back for his last (hopefully) shots. I have to call on Country's labs. Did I tell you about that? Ok tomorrow. I might have to pick up my niece tomorrow too? Not sure yet. If not I'll have her on Sat through Sun's party. Can't wait to have fun with her. She is my angel.

I feel like there was something else I was going to "Think About" with you but can't think of it right now! HA! I know it was something deep to contemplate??? Hmmm...


chat2missie said...

Have a great weekend.

rdautumnsage said...

Sounds like you have a full weekend ahead of you, as if you weren't busy enough LOL! (Hugs) Indigo

ceilisundancer said...

Trader Joe's AND Nordy's Rack?  Two of my favorite places:)  Somehow, I also tend to buy more girl things than for me things, lol.  -- Robin