Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saving Our Children!

Well you can tell I'm on vacation & have a back problem because I'm watching more tv. HA!

Last night on MSNBC Nightly news they had a segment on SUV Blindspots. Parents (and other relatives) are running over their own children!!! It was such a sad segment but so vitally important. They tested various SUVs & a pick up truck & some had a blind spot in front of their vehicle of 6 ft!!!!

I found these images searching & below they didn't talk about the height of the driver & I think that would make a difference. I think vehicles should automatically come with some type of laser light device to indicate but I'm not sure how it would work because obviously it would indicate when you are just near a car or trash can etc but that may not be needed & confuse things. Hmmm? I mean heck, I don't want to hit the trash cans...remember Grumpy Old Men HA...but know you are suppose to stay away a certain distance from cars when driving...rush hour would be problematic...ok someone come up with the solution quickly because my brain will keep trying & it will drive me crazy.

Please pass this link & info to as many people as you can. Perhaps we can save a child's life.


mikev009 said...

I can believe it. After years of being a valet and having driven most vehicles out there.  There are some monstrosities out there that if you are under five feet you are invisible. ~ Mike

acoward15 said...

In England we only back up over kids if we miss them going forwards or we need to finish them off.

chat2missie said...

Very intresting.  I can't imagine driving over my child in the driveway unless they deserved it! LOL.  That was bad, I know.  Sorry.  I think all vehicles should come equipped with the alert systems they now have if something is behind you.  Hope your enjoying your holiday weekend.

jmoqueen said...

That's terrible I can't imagine the horror the parent must feel if that happens to them.