Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Rockettes ROCK...or Should I say KICK!

Ok...everyone is asking me how the Rockettes were? They were AWESOME! I am so glad we went! Here are a few pix...we couldn't take any during the show. I do wish some the Rockettes came in the atrium after the show to take pictures & talk to the kids.

My niece had a blast! She wants to audition now! HA! She love the Chorus line kicking of course. She had been doing it for weeks at home! HA! There was one skit where a fake side of a Taxi car goes across the stage with a Rockette in it. When it got to the middle of the stage the Rockette comes out & so does all the rest of them. My niece was so amazed & ask how did they all fit in there! HA! I love kids! Grandpa was even heard laughing during the show! :-)

Grandma & Grandpa bought her a Rockette doll which she slept with that night! HA! Pix #9 is the Rockette Doll the next day playing some Playstation! HA! Her teacher asked her class to bring something they got for Christmas & she brought her Rockette doll!

I found it fascinating to read about the history of the Rockettes. They were started in the 1920s I believe in Missouri.

The costumes were very colorful & Santa even came. A few of the Rockettes must have been 7 feet tall! That is what they seemed like man! And one you could see her big white teeth even from the back of the theatre! MAN! I would definitely go again and highly recommend you go once in your lifetime! Well worth it!


lurkynat said...

Dearest Deborah,
thank you for sharing this lovely event with us!
hugs, natalie

eml625 said...

I went last year, it is a great show, I agree. Your niece sounds adorable.
Take Care.

deslily said...

woohoo glad you enjoyed the rockettes.. it's sad that each year they almost don't do the show anymore..  

maybe your niece will be on broadway one day who knows?! lol