Sunday, January 15, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

Well Patrick brought up "Guilty Pleasures" and it sounded like a great posting for me! HA! Not that I always feel guilty...that may explain a lot! HA! Only 5 man, this should be one of those 100! HA! Ok, lets see...

1. Well, one of my new ones, oh wait this would be 2! HA! Trader Joe's Cherry & Cranberry Oatmeal cookies! Oh man! The oatmeal cookie itself is so great. Don't'll be addicted!

2. TGIF's Vanilla Bean Cheesecake definitely! I can't even talk when I'm eating it and those who know me, that is quite a feat! HA! I haven't had it for probably a year now but that just may be a good thing. Pretty good since Friday's is right by me.

3. Well, what can bring great guilt but shopping! HA! Not always but sometimes! HA! Sometimes I think God is having fun with me with this foot problem to prevent me from shopping! HA!

4. Oh...Portillo's Chocolate Cake...YUM! Again, it is addicting! Good thing I just have it for birthday parties!

5. Great Marshall Field's Mint Bars or the World Famous Chocolate Bars. Thank God those are rare for me to get my hands on too! HA!

P.S. Someone mentioned "Men"...I can't list that...I feel absolutely no guilt with that addiction! ;-)


swibirun said...

I can't post my top 5 because of possible TOS violations;)

Most recent entry was 1/15/06

lurkynat said...

dear Deborah,
You have lelegant and luxurious inclinations!

eml625 said...

I love the "men" comment !!! No guilt there !!! LOL
I guess you like chocolate? How about Godiva's ??? They are THE best !!
I love your list