Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Holiday Highlights 3

Ok, here is part 3 (not sure of how many parts yet) of my holidays. Trying to catch in between my regularly scheduled life now...post holidays!

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My niece & I made a gingerbread house (kit!) to bring to my cousin's house for all the kids to enjoy. Goofy me thought a Kit would be easy & quick! Right! I was so frustrated. I forgot that the icing would have to set for 15 min before we could decorate it & I had to be somewhere by a certain time! UGH! The icing was coming out of the bag on the opposite side...it was hysterical to watch I'm sure but not to go through. It was certainly an Anti-Martha Moment! Later I tried to remember it was suppose to be a "kids memory" rather than some project I was trying to do & that made the perspective a bit better. My niece  had fun but I felt so bad because I had to leave the HUGE mess (only kind I make in life! Ha!) for my parents to clean up! HA! I felt so bad. I made it up later over the holidays by cleaning up the kitchen one night.

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Well Santa had to find Grandma & Grandpa's new house & he had to make a special delivery the the night of the 23rd since my nieces would spend Christmas Eve night at their mom's. My 8 yr old niece made sure to leave him plenty (and I do mean plenty!) of cookies! Santa felt if he ate all of them then he wouldn't make it back up the chimney and he didn't want to make my niece feel bad, so he snuck many of them back in the cookie jar! HA! Santa could have used some spiked cider though instead of milk! HA! My niece also had to open the fire place doors! She said he could not open them because the handles were on our side...isn't that great thinking! You see at Grandma & Grandpa's old house the fireplace did not have doors so this was a new thing. She also had to leave her "I Believe in Santa" Santa Hat near the fireplace so he could see it! The new house has some very interesting noises so at one point we really did think the reindeer were on the roof & so she had to get to sleep for Santa to come. My older niece was also told Santa did not come for teenagers either unless they went to bed! HA! The girls could clearly tell what Santa brought them as one side was mostly pink & the other lime green. My youngest niece has pink blood! HA! The older one painted her bedroom lime green a few months ago so she got all the squish pillows like Sprees, Lucky Charms, Dubble Bubble, Jolly Ranchers and other fun things for her new teenage room. The younger one got her staple of Barbies...Fairytopia and a few others and Cinderella PJs & purse among other fun items. Christmas Eve is Grandpa's birthday so there was more fun to be had later in the day. The traditional Polish dinner was maintain...well a few things have gone by the wayside since my parents were little.

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Santa brought Dusty & Country a new furry purple bed & the brush stand you can see a bit. Country rubbed against the brush right away but just like kids & their toys now he isn't too into it. He is however very much into enjoying that bed. He has pretty much taken it over. I have yet to see Dusty in it! HA!

More to come....

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