Sunday, January 8, 2006

Holiday Highlights 2

For probably the past 20 years the Geneva Christmas Shopping Day has been a tradition. Started with my mom & an "aunt" of mine. Then I started going. Then my dad & "uncle" came along. Then my "aunt" and "uncle" moved out of state so another aunt & uncle were invited and came for a few years. I think a year or two it was just my folks & I & twice I have gone myself. Last year I didn't get to go because of my foot surgery. It is a sweet lovely tradition that I cherish.

Geneva is a wonderful little town of little shops and it is worth the trip. They are so welcoming. They all have lovely smiles & go out of their way to make your Christmas spirit blossom... punch (some Happy Punch!), little treats and great restaurants. Chianti's has been bought out & not as great now but some great memories. The Little Owl Tavern is great! That is usually lunch!

I love going to Kris Kringle Haus. They have lovely ornaments, angels, villages etc. This year I got Chocolate filled Candy Canes which were great! I'm still eating mine slowly.

The Little Traveler store is wonderful! Lots of little rooms of different types of items and the Christmas wine they have is Awesome! I also loved a sample of Martin & Weyrich Mascoto Allegro, so I had to buy a bottle...nope haven't had it yet! HA! Have to find a special occasion I guess. 

I also love a store called Cocoon
. I usually find some lovely gift in there for someone. There are so many more. It is a whole day experience! We usually start with lunch, then shop & then in the evening the officers block off the street where the court house is & they have their big decorated Christmas tree. The mayor comes to light the tree. Santa Lucia (Swedish) comes and Santa also. They have roasted chestnuts, they make custom wreaths, and many other lovely treats.  They have a live Manger scene also which is fun with animals, horse drawn carriage rides (hopefully one day I'll do that!) and the kids just make it! Watching the kids laugh & be wide eyed at the toys in windows or even playing with some is just what it is all about.

This year my big find that spoke to my heart was something called a branchelier! I didn't get it, but I hope to in the future. I love the woods & I love bringing the outdoors inside in my place. This is the decor I love for my living room & kitchen. I love nature & natural look. Being one with nature I think is the idea. Must be my Miami Indian in me!

P.S. Sorry the pix are blurry...I was cold & shaking! HA! You'll get the idea though!


lurkynat said...

dear Deborah,
I love the photos! thanks! Sounds as if you hada great time!

rap4143 said...

Oh it sounds like a perfect time!!! Wish I could have been there with you!!!

eml625 said...

Great pictures. The Branchelier is really cool !  I've never seen anything like that.

Take care

deslily said...

Ohhh love the Branchelier!!.. but i couldn't have one in this house!! with my brothers 9 cats and all the fur that flies around I'm sure something would wind up nesting in it!!  (i love natural things too..but.. that does look difficult to dust and keep clean?) but my first impression was "oh yeah love it! gotta have it!".. then reality sunk in for me..sigh.  

zosche973 said...

Love the banchelier! Good entry.~Diane~