Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More Tags

Jessica is sending out the tags....Make sure you tag 3 people to join in.  Have fun!!

1. What is your middle name? Susan

2. What size is your bed? Full...but I want a Select Comfort California King! ;-)

3. What are you listening to?  M*A*S*H

4. What are the last two digits in your phone number? 23

5.  What was the last thing you ate? Grapefruit

6.  Last person you hugged? Do my babies count? (Country & Dusty) if not then my little niece last night.

7.  How is the weather right now? 27 weatherbug & 31 Weatherchannel???? A bit foggy too.

8.  Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Comcast! UGH!

9.  The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? EYES!

10.  Do you have a bf/gf? NOPE!

12.  Do you drink? Rarely! I have no tolerance now so I really shouldn't!

13.  Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night?  NOPE!

14.  Hair color?  Various shades of blonde!

15.  Eye color?  green/hazel

16.  Fav baseball team? Cubbies Baby!

17.  Fav animal?  I have to choose?

18.  Favorite season? Summer for gardening, grilling & having tons of fun but I love Christmas too!

19.  Ever cried for no reason? I think I may think that at the time but usually there is a reason.

20.  Last movie you watched? Adam's Rib (Spencer Tracy & Katherine Hepburn)

29.  What book are you reading? 700 Sundays by Billy Crystal, 'Tis Me by Maureen O'Hara, Night by Elie Wiesel

30.  Piercings? 3 in one & 2 in other...I think! HA!

31.  Favorite movie? It's A Wonderful Life, Grumpy Old Men movies, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Christmas Story, Baby Boom....too many to list!

32.  Favorite college team? Don't really have one!

33.  What are you doing right now? Watching the ending of 9 Months.

34.  Any pets?  2 cats, 5 Bettas, 3 Hermit Crabs & 2 Red Eared Sliders

35.  Dog or cat? both

36.  Favorite flower?  Lilacs & Peonies

37.  Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to? Oh YA!

38.  Have you ever loved someone? Perhaps 2

39.  Who would you like to see someone right now? Probably my maternal grandparents (deceased)

40.  Are you still friends with your ex's? A few

41.  Have you ever fired a gun? no

42.  Do you like to travel by plane? Sometimes

43.  Right or left handed? right

44.  If you could be with someone right now, who would it be? Can't say

45.  How many pillows do you sleep with? Now 2.....well wait there are 2 on the side also

46.  Are you missing someone? YES!

47.  Do you have a tattoo? no, just fun ones occasionally.

48.  Do you watch cartoons on Saturday morning? Mornings? Right! I do like cartoons

49.  Are you hiding something from someone? Hmmm? I don't think so. I usually don't hide things other than presents etc.

50.  Do you play an instrument? Yes a few but not very well.

I'm tagging anyone who wants to play along and hasn't been tagged yet!


lurkynat said...

do you like the book byMaureen Ohara? what is it about anyway?Interesting tht you have different shades of blonde..that is fascinating! Is it still really cold Deborah? How areyour kitties doing?

trickeytricky said...

You are #4

I had just completed this tag the other day! You have some good answers . . . I too have "fun ones occasionally." I liked that.

Amanda over at Hey, I'm Country

Interested why you are #4 Click the link to Play this j-land game -> http://messageboards.aol.com/aol/en_us/articles.php?boardId=534372&articleId=54034&func=6&channel=Computers+%26+Electronics&filterRead=false&filterHidden=true&filterUnhidden=false

swibirun said...

I'll add you on to my tag for this from Ari.  I'll try to do it tonight:)

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