Sunday, January 8, 2006

Holiday Highlights #1

Here are a few highlights of my holiday....

Pix #1: OMG! This Santa was in Wal Mart. It danced (if you call it that!) and talked! I pushed the button & thought Santa was going to fall on me! Some kids in the aisle with me even were a bit frightened. We did have great laugh though.

Pix #2: I was driving around looking at house decorations & I pulled up by a church where some kids were have an awesome time projecting their shadow on the building. They would move back & make their shadows as big as the building! It was so much fun. I rolled down my window to hear their laughter & fun.

Pix #3 & #4: Some more house decorations! Fun!


eml625 said...

That Santa is pretty scary looking !!

Take Care

deslily said...

ummm, and how were the Rockettes??? you never told us!

swibirun said...

That is so cute!  I love the shot with the kids.


randlprysock said...

I love those house decorations.  We didn't get to put our small collection of lights up this year due to Rob's knee surgery but maybe next year.

lurkynat said...

oh how sweet!
thank you!