Wednesday, January 11, 2006

100 Questions

1 first grade teacher's name: Hmm? Can't remember. 

2 last word you said: paste

3 last song you sang: Taylor Dayne "Whenever You Fall" from Naked Without You CD (Listen a bit to each song on CD link!)

4 last person you hugged: My 8 yr old niece!

5 last thing you laughed at: One of my friends asking if the Energizer Bunny has been around! HA!

6 last time you said i dont remember: Right now! HA! 

7 last time you cried: Watching the movie "The Family Stone"

8  last time you poured super hot fudge all over yourself: Been a few years now with this injury but I do know where the fudge is!!! ;-)

9 what color socks are you wearing: Black

10  whats under your bed? A tote with all my beanie babies...lots of one with "problems" so worth a lot! Hmmm? 

11 what time did you wake up today:

12 current taste: Cherry Cider

13  current hair: Good God! Ummm probably a bunch of shades of blonde & brown. 

14 Missing!

15  current annoyance: My foot, my thumb, my back, other health issues.

16 current longing: The guy I dreamt about this was that great...Perhaps 1 or 2 from the past as well...being on a beach on the warm sand listening to the ocean waves & sea gulls!

17 current desktop background: White kitten

18 current worry: Health

19 current hate: Being in pain

20 current favorite article of clothing: Lounge wear!

21 favorite physical feature of the preferred gender: eyes & then probably tie between chest & hamstrings...well big hands are lovely to have holding yours too.

22  last CD that you listened to: Taylor Dayne "Naked Without You"

23  favorite place to be: Either in the woods or on a beach...oh or with my 8 yr old niece!

24  least favorite place: Funerals

25 time you wake up in the morning: About 10am but does depend on pain level.

26  if you could play an instrument, what would you play: Tough one. Harp, Piano & drums

27  favorite color: Soft purple of course.

28 do you believe in an afterlife: I sure hope there is. I have a lot of questions & a few people I'd like to talk to!!!

29  how tall are you: 5'8"

30 current favorite word/saying: Well depends what we are talking about. If someone is in trouble with me "Oh Really?!" or "Excuse me?!". This morning's dream...."Oh Baby!"

31 favorite book: 

32 favorite season: Winter for Christmas & Summer for Gardening, Grilling & hiking & biking etc.

33 one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: There are a few men I would like to talk to & figure out a few things, but I think first I really like to talk to my maternal grandparents.

34 song currently listening to: Same as #3

35 where do you want to go to college: I already did! 

36 what is your career going to be like: You mean when I grow up? HA! I think I'll just go paint some shells on a beach...less stress. :-)

37 how many kids do you want: 4 would be nice but I'm not sure at this point that is realistic.


38 eaten an entire gallon bucket of ice cream in one day: NEVER!

39  said "i love you" and meant it: Oh ya! If you mean significant but maybe 1 or 2 I wish I had the opportunity to...I think?

40 gotten in a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish, etc: Just ask Country!

41 been to New York: Nope, not yet! Oh wait...I drove through it! HA!

42 been to
Florida: Yes, 3 times!

43 been to Ca
lifornia: Yes, San Fransico & San Diego

44  been to Hawaii: No, but one place I would love to with someone I love.

45 been to Mexico: No

46 been to China: No

48 dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day:  yes...weird

50 sent someone to the hospital: No not yet! HA! I get in enough trouble sending myself! HA!

51 been naked in public: YES! Twice! HA! First time my mom would not let me go swimming in our pool (I think it was ours..have to ask her) because my bathing suit was I went naked. Well, come on does that make any sense? Hello? Then the second time, my mom made my sister & I bathing suits when we were like 8/9 yrs old (I think!) and I picked Terry Cloth! HA! Right...jumped in the pool & off it came! HA! With childhood experiences like that it probably explains a great deal of who I am now! HA!


52 do you have a crush on someone: OH YA!

53 what book are you reading now? "Tis Myself" by Maureen O'Hara (Autobiography)

54 worst feeling in the world: losing a loved one, having your heart broken, & missed opportunities.

55 what is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?: The pain I'm in.

56 How many rings before you answer: depends on how close I am to the phone!

57 future daughter's name: Sierra Rose, Dakota (boy or girl)...I like Southwestern names.

58 future son's name: Dakota (boy or girl)

59 do you sleep with a stuffed animal: no2 real ones! HA!

60 if you could have any job you wanted: Maybe have an animal shelter/pet adoption place or help kids/teens with dealing with stress & doing well in school.

61 wish you were: out of pain & healthy, living in a house in the woods or a beach, probably having a lovely husband & children, never have any financial worries. I'd settle for the first one actually! HA!

62 college plans: Finish my PhD?

63 piercings: 2 piercings in one ear & 3 in the other...last I checked.

64 do you  smoke:  NO! YUCK!!

65 do you drink: Rarely, special occasions.

67 what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use: Bath & Body works (75% off!) :-)

68 what are you most scared of: Missing out on real love or that I missed the opportunities I may not have realized at the time.

69 what clothes do you sleep in: Depends on night. PJ pants & top some nights all the way to...

70 who is the last person that called: I think Cheryl but I missed the call. If not it would be a doctor! Pathetic!

71 where do you want to get married: In church with all my family around to have fun celebrating with me & to thank them for all their love they have giving me over the years.

72 if you could change anything about yourself what would it be? My health. My foot is getting worse so that being ok & strong, my thumb, back & other health issues that are still nagging me as well.

73 who do you really hate: My maternal grandmother told me NEVER to hate anyone. I don't. I figure God created them also, they may be struggling in life if they are not doing good & they may actually be this way to teach us all what love & compassion are really about. I know it is hard not to hate people like Hitler etc but not hating them is actually the best way to make sure they do not win!

74 been in love: I think maybe once or twice the most but...

75 are you timely or always late: Depends what it is for. 

76 do you have a job: Yes! Professor

77 Missing!

78 best feeling in the world: Loving someone & knowing/feeling they love you.

79 are you for world peace: Oh YA! 

80 are you a health freak: Now? Unfortunately not unless you mean freaking about my health! HA! I'm really trying but some of these doctors make it difficult. More so before my foot injury & hopefully I will be better later.

81 do you have a "type" of person you always go after: Go after? I don't think I really "go after" anyone. I enjoy mutually spending time with people who are funny, who have a loving & giving heart, who know what life is really about, who love with all their spirit, who is an AWESOME kisser, loves hugging & holding hands, mustache is a plus but not always necessary, broad chested, great I better stop I'm getting a bit warm. 

82 do you want someone you don't have? YES!

83 are you lonely right now: Lonely? No, Alone yes!

84 ever afraid you'll never get married: YES!

85 do you want to get married: YES!

86 do you want kids? YES!


87 cried: YES!

88 bought something: Oh Ya! Ocean Waves CD

89 gotten sick: No ::knocks on wood:: Just foot bothering me!

90 sang: to sing...others may not like me to but...

91 said i love you: my niece!

92 wanted to tell someone you loved them: PERHAPS?!

93 met someone: Well I did see this one guy today that I've seen before and...

94  moved on: HA! I'm not too sure...some ways perhaps & other ways probably not.

95 talked to someone: OH YA! That is all I do all day long! :-)

96 had a serious talk: OH YA! But then remember I think too much!  ;-)

97 missed someone: Everyday!

98 hugged someone: Do my cats count?

99 yelled at someone: Yep, Country!

100 dreamed about someone: Oh I had a great one this morning..."my...what a broad chest you have!" ;-) Very comfortable feeling and lovely that he wanted to hold me. Don't you wish you could record those dreams & replay them! HA!


zosche973 said...

I think that's the longest quiz I've ever seen online! It's almost like the one I got over at myspace; I was just checking out the Nebulung cat? [excuse spelling]
How beauitful! And intersesting.....I love cats.~Diane~

lurkynat said...

dear Deborah,
nice quiz and graphics! Deborah you are such a romantic! and I love these wishes to be on a beach somewhere! Very enjoyable! i hope that you are soon in less pain! hugs, natalie

schoolgal040 said...

Hello There~
Wow, a hundred questions! You are brave.....LMAO. I did like a lot of your answers though especially #13 because it sounds so much like mine right now...ha ha. My hair really, really needs to be died badly. And #18 and #19  your health? I hope everything is ok. And on #29 we are almost the same heighth, I'm 5 7 1/2. I almost got to 5

Very good entry and I love it!

Thank you so much for always stopping by my journal, it's much appreciated!

Big Hugs,

jouell3935 said...

great list!!!!
One I will ponder...

Hope you are feeling a bit better!


queeniemart said...

Hmm, first pouring hot fudge on yourself and THEN going naked twice.
You sound like a party animal! LOL
Hugs, lisa jo

swibirun said...

did you at least win #40?

Most recent entry was 1/15/06