Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Family Traditions & Easter

On Holy Thursday I continue the tradition with my folks of visiting 7 churches to reflect & pray. Each year I have fun listening to my dad plan our route. I find this activity very peaceful & grounding. I enjoy seeing how different people honor God. This year when we went to Sacred Heart Church Our Lady of the Millenium was there. If you have not seen her & you are religious or spiritual (I think there is a difference) I would highly recommend it. It is just breath-taking & a humbling experience. Take a look at the photos on the website! http://www.ourladyofthemillennium.com/ Incidently, on the website there is a link with pictures of John Paul II visit to Chicago 1979. I was in the crowd at Five Holy Martyrs Church as a young teen. I was baptized there & my folks & many members of my family were married there.  

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