Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Well my family tried to surprise me for my 30th & didn't succeed. Now for my 40th (or permanent 39th as my mom says!) my family tried again...I found out! Ha! Well I thought maybe because my aunt sent me a card with a check saying "Sorry I missed your party." Just think too much I guess! Ha! 

Not sure if my mom meant to hide the card from me & I just found it but unfortunately I read it to them as well. Dad tried to cover it up but then everything stuck out as a sore thumb after that just like my 30th. 

It was lovely though! My family makes  me feel so very loved! My aunt even told my mom that she & her husband get tired & usually only do 1 thing a day but because it was me they couldn't not come. Wow! It is so incredible to feel so loved. Everyone was so generous & thoughtful to me! Except the cake! Ha! Actually they got 2...Portillos Chocolate cake (YUM!) & a white cake with ice cream. I had one thin slice of both & that is all! The cake was left over but someone got to it the next day! Ha! I'm glad though because they were so kind to me.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday, May the Dear Lord Bless her & Sto Lat (Polish...below)!

Sto lat, sto lat, (For a hundred years, for a hundred years,)
Niech zyje, zyje nam.(May he/she live for us.)
Sto lat, sto lat, (For a hundred years, for a hundred years,)
Niech zyje, zyje nam, .(May he/she live for us.)
Jeszcze raz, jeszcze raz, niech zyje, zyje nam, (One more time, one more time, may he/she live )
Niech zyje nam! (May he/she live (a hundred years). )

One of my aunts & uncles gave me a beautiful birthday angel by Kathy Hahn which says "God Smiled The Day You Were Born"
http://www.cherrylaneangels.com/html/9191.html and a Precious Moment which says "You Have a Heart of Gold". A cousin of mine framed a bunch of inspirational sayings with drawings & is so very dear to me.
One of my brothers got me a Willow Tree Angel which I collect & my other brother & sister gave me a digital camera which I can't wait to use just to mention a few! Balloons, 2 dozen roses ETC! I got to run around with my cousin's 1 year old twins! That was fun! Ha!   

I'm especially grateful because this was Easter Saturday & people have so much to do on this weekend. It really helped since my birthday was not a day I could really feel like celebrating with having a funeral for someone I love dearly.

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