Sunday, March 13, 2005

Who Dishes it?

Maureen Dowd OP-ED Columnist in the NY Times has a piece today called "Dish It Out, Ladies" which is EXCELLENT! Her statements are actually supported by Dr. Deborah Tannen's research. Dr Tannen is an expert in Gender Linguistics at Georgetown University Maureen talks about how when men criticize others or simply "have an opinion" it is taken seriously & without any offense but if a women were to make the same comments it is not received as such & she is "A Bitch". I have found this to be quite true. SOME men have acted like this towards me. In fact, I recall meetings where at the beginning I would make a suggestion & it was thought to be "not good" but by the end of the meeting a male suggests it & all of a sudden it is "great!" Ha! Dr. Tannen's Video "He Said, She Said" explains why men think women nag them & Much more! It is amazing the perspective each gender takes away about the other after viewing this video! I highly recommend it or any of her books!

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