Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bells Are Ringing for the New Angel

Today (technically yesterday) was an extremely difficult day for me. I spent my birthday offering my love & prayers for Father (Uncle) Richie (Joswiak) at his funeral services. Every birthday from this day on I will do the same, though it will not be the only day! I will remember you teasing me once again during our last phone conversation. I will remember you giving my family "a bath" of holy water during Easter Basket Blessings - I'll miss you next week! I will remember the laughs at family events! I will remember you having the children coming up to sing "Happy Birthday" & "We Love You, We Do" to baby Jesus at Christmas. I will remember you telling us "Be nice to everyone." I will remember your sweet smile. I hope God gives you a tight hug, like the ones you gave us, and tells you how very much he loves you & how grateful he is for you teaching us about Jesus & Mary and Love. Your love will continue & circle the world. I hope God has you teach all the children in Heaven who did not live long enough to learn about Jesus & Mary. I know you are now our Angel looking over us. And I guess you won our bet!

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