Sunday, March 13, 2005

Becoming A DragonFly

Last week was VERY difficult! Saying goodbye to my grandma's sister who has been with me for just shy of 40 years was full of tears, as well as laughter. As my cousin said, "she was always there to listen to your secrets and share your news & events." In this woman's nearly 91 years on this planet she always tried to help any way she could, including worrying for you! :-) Many have said she should have authored her "imagined scenes"...perhaps murder mysteries! It was much more difficult than I thought it would be to say goodbye...and Thank You. One of my other cousins read a story she had read to her 3 sons who have lost 3 pieces of their puzzles in the last few months & are inquiring about Heaven. She read them "The Waterbug Story";action=display;num=1109711231 This story describes how a waterbug transforms into a beautiful dragonfly and can no longer interact with his fellow waterbugs. The waterbugs believe their transformed friend to be dead. It was a very touching story which does help. Last November I had attended the wake of a past professor of mine. The minister spoke of how when we are being born we do not want to be born. We are comfortable in our mother's is warm & safe! When we are born, we feel cold with an "unsafe environment" of bright lights & loud noises. After we have adjusted to this "life" we can't imagine being afraid of "life" and we no longer want to leave it. He said it is the same feeling when we die. We think we do not want to & yet when we do "cross over" we will not even understand why we feared dying. It will be so much better than we ever imagined. I have found this somewhat comforting lately. I am very grateful my great aunt was able to know of her first great-grand daughter for a bit before she died. It is amazing the coincidence (or is it) that baby Maura was induced to be born in time! This Waterbug story also makes me think of the Movie "Dragonfly" with Kevin Costner! 


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