Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spring Break

Well this week is Spring Break. I was hoping to get some good relaxation in this week but so far...no such luck! :-( I am catching up on a few things that have gotten neglected in the last few weeks with my family loses taking up my time. I was actually in the office today from 4:15-9pm! Some Spring Break but then again I will be heading to San Diego next Thursday for a Psychology Symposium & though it will be a bit of work also, it looks to be a wonderful opportunity to relax also. Then of course this weekend is Easter so I'll spend some time relaxing with my nieces! I think I'm just getting ready for Summer! :-) 7 more weeks! YA!

I remember when I was interning for my Masters. The company I worked for put us up in a wonderful hotel for our last week & I didn't have to be at work until 11am. I would get in a lovely relaxing hour in the hot tub before I went to work. Then after work I got in another hour! That was one of the most relaxing weeks! Have to ask Santa for a hot tub! :-) I am going to do my Progressive Relaxation tape tonight though so that will definitely do the trick! A massage is what would do the trick right now though! ;-) A lovely warm beach with soft ocean waves...ohhhh this is really working! Ha! Have to put my ocean waves music on!

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