Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Completing Puzzles

I went to visit my great aunt today who is not doing well. I just needed to go. I think for MANY reasons! As I am taking it all in, I had some insight. Not sure if it is correct but interesting none the less.

Perhaps when one's spirit leaves this world it is because the location "our piece" of the puzzle of life has been found & is fitted in perfectly in other's puzzles & our puzzle has been totally completed. Perhaps as a new spirit comes into the world it is like adding a piece to the puzzle & you are searching for its location. Life's path or story is the "searching for the location. " Kind of finding "a home." Do we each have our own puzzle in which other's pieces (their life) fits in our puzzle & we also serve as a piece of their puzzle. We may be a significant part of someone's puzzle & in other's play a smaller role in "the big picture". As we know, some pieces come into our life & don't fit quite correctly or not in the place we are attempting to place them. Sometimes we do not feel a piece is correct even though it is. Sometimes we think it is important & will spend so much time trying to find the place for that piece. We may lose pieces for some time & perhaps find them again. Some may also attempt to work on our puzzle with us & try to place pieces where we do not want them/they do not work. Of course one may not have placed all pieces right side up (recognizing them). They may also be overlapping others.

Just a start...will continue... 

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