Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Primetime Tonight: Dr. Randy Pausch

Hi Everyone!

I don't know how many of you viewed Dr. Randy Pausch's Last Lecture last fall when it circulated. If you did not click the link below:

Tonight Primetime (ABC) is having a Special on him. I have the link below to watch a preview of it. 

He is such an inspiration! I don't know how he does it. I'm not sure I would have such courage & calm! Heck, many of us can't be calm just on the road with a slow driver or when they put cans with our eggs! HA!

It also is a reminder....DON'T WAIT! Live with your heart NOW! Get what you want out of life NOW! There really may not be tomorrow...heck even this afternoon! No, I don't mean to be morbid here, just that I have met many people who just don't take the chance! They seem to not care they are unhappy or they just don't think they deserve to be or they don't know how to start! Just take a baby step! Call her! Be a Fool! Take the chance! Have passion in your life! 

Loretta LaRoche always says, "This is it folks, its not a dress rehearsal!" We all need to be reminded of this. We get bogged down with just living life & was it John Lennon who said "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans"? I was watching "A Lot Like Love" this weekend (in the background while I worked) and I'm not a big Kutcher fan, but I like his little smile sometimes. It is more on the story how they keep meeting and eventually it works out...TIMING...there are other movies like that too...but his brother is on the beach telling him "This is it! Life goes on by, it doesn't wait for you to get over things" (something like that!) and in "Something's Gotta Give" Diane Keaton's character tells Amanda Peet (she's in both) "What are you waiting for?" Then in "The Family Stone" Diane Keaton tells Dermot Mulroney "I'd hate to see you miss out on something because you have this picture in your can't fix it!" Does there seem to be a pattern here...not only messages but people! Ha!

P.S. I love the scene in The Family Stone where th guys are chasing each other...Craig T. Nelson says "Come on...someone is going to get hurt" that my father! HA! I love the idea too that life can be confusing & just have twists & turns but it eventually all works out. Hmmm...

Ok, I got my Recorder set....set yours for tonight! I'll be back to post on it after I watch it I'm sure!


garnett109 said...

living life as long as you can live it is my philosophy

mariealicejoan said...

I try to squeeze as much joy out of every day that I can, even the crummy ones!  I Just love life and I try not to take it for granted!