Saturday, April 12, 2008

Picked the Wrong One

Hi Everyone!

Well was I wrong! (shakes head!)

If you recall I thought at the beginning of the High School Reunion show that Justin was very attractive & looked sweet etc. Of course each show they focus on someone else & some you don't know much about so I try not to be too hard on myself because at the time he seemed that way. Unfortunately, he is a dog now! HA! I think they should have have another show or two because the ending seemed too rushed to a wrap up & there needed to be more explanation on things!
Justin going on overnights & not feeling like DeAnna did is just totally a dog to me! He does not have a great spirit. To lead her on like that is just very mean. I think he just enjoyed the fact that he got all the attention for being more attractive now & that DeAnna did like him. I wonder if he had a bit of I'll show her & hurt her like she mad me feel back then. So sad IF that is the case! I mean they were young then & sometimes one has noooo clue someone likes them. Granted she has been divorced quite a few times & they don't show us everything & they never explained his situation but he is divorced also. Hard to tell with any of them really but...just seems like with him not explaining why he didn't havae a reason. He should explain why or just say I need time to get to know you or something? Who knows...maybe she wasn't great in the sack or something? Maybe that is all he wanted? God only knows. They really didn't show him opening up like Matt did.

I did really feel Matt was just soooo much more of a wonderful man! I think I'd pick him out of the whole bunch. Rob didn't do it at all. I like being wild & fun but he just didn't seem like there was a seriousness to him (maybe they didn't show it) he would just say "That's Cool" ugh! Matt knows what it is about...seems more solid. Fun and sweet yet still totally a guy. Very protective and caring. I think he would be quite attentive & giving.

Mike & his best friend Steve irritated me so much. They are just such losers. Didn't look like they have changed at all & grown. Just party & fight etc.

The millionaire Sean seemed a bit superficial? But again, they didn't talk alot to him. And Kirstin just drove me nuts. I just wanted to shake the two of them & say where is the real person in there. Man! Just weird. The Bully Jason, he may be less of a bully now but he was still too thuggish for me. Glenn seemed nice but kinda whinny to me. I suppose it is all relative though so...

It would be great to see what happens to all of them in like a year. Of course Yvette not being totally honest with Matt is not right in my book either! And to do that to him is even worse considering he was really taking a chance with the first time since his wife died. Why didn't she just tell everyone she had a boyfriend right away? The girls were talking about their relationships earlier on??? They do kinda seem like a fit? Hard to tell though.

So did you watch? What did you think?


mariealicejoan said...

We don't get that show here, but it does sound good.  Those are very handsome fellas!

garnett109 said...

don't watch reality tv

chat2missie said...

I loved that show.  I wish they would get some people from my graduating class, including me, and put us on the show!