Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here's Your Sign!

This is just pathetic! Did you see they made a mint that will get rid of alcohol breath?

I just can't believe people would waste their time on this instead of solving major life problems! Actually, they are making it worse! I'm telling you if I were to get hit by a drunk driver and I found out they used this, I'm not only suing the person but the manufacturer. I can just see a lawsuit any day now as it is! To me it would be like making condoms with holes in them! To put people's lives in do these people sleep at night? Probably came up with some pill for themselves too.

I have no problem using it for other nasty breath but...I know it is not like the only thing to assess, but I can just see people using this so they can go to lunch & have a few or my students coming into class when they have been drinking! No, I'm sure there are also some faculty, considering all people do stupid things like this. And heck kissing someone who smokes would be better...though I don't think I would date someone who smokes even with that. I don't know...what do you think?


garnett109 said...

Cops have a series of tests they do and if not sure they take you to the hospital to draw blood and that is the true way to tell if someone was drinking no pill will get the alcohol out of the blood.

mariealicejoan said...

I think it's all scary.  What about people that hop into their cars and drive after doing drugs  and stuff.  How can you tell?  

chat2missie said...

I agree with you!

slapinions said...

I think it's all overblown. A cop will be able to tell if you're drunk, he won't need to smell your breath. Ditto a parent, teacher, etc.  It might be good to hide the 'courage' shot before a big meeting or something, but I don't think it'll help people skirt the law.

Holes in condoms! ha!