Thursday, August 30, 2007

Starting My Back Treatment

Hi Everyone!

Well, I was sitting in a meeting & moved forward & my back did something odd. Not sure what, felt on my left side like it collapsed down a bit to the left of the spine in my small of my back. I got through my class & then called my doc. The 4th yr attending said I may be getting closer to needing the surgery...ugh...called the Vax-D people & they said can you come in today. I was shocked. I made a payment & they were ok with that.

So after class I drove up to the train station, to the train downtown & then walked 2 blocks to the office. The doc re-examined me & I was already releaved that whatever happened in the afternoon didn't seem to cause more problems because I could put my legs up & push & pull without too much problem.

Then they got me on the Vax-D table & it was ok. It made my tummy a bit quizzy though. I've had that on & off...maybe it is my stomach muscle tensing...we all know how important abdomen muscles are to the back so...Then some STEM & ice & a bag of supplements to take home, a lumbar brace I have to wear 3 hours after & then teaching etc. I took home a lumbar chair pillow to try too. I have to go back tomorrow (Fri) and then back starting Tues. 4-5 weeks doing this trip...ugh! It is about a 30-40 min drive to the train station, then the train is about an hour. Then treatment 1 1/2 hrs & then back. So you can see that is a big chunk of my day! I hope it works. I figure if it works & I can avoid surgery it will be worth it in the long run.

It does 15 pulls, 1 minute pull with 1 min rest. They went up to 55lbs pressure today. They will eventually go to 75-80lbs. They said usually most people really feel better between 8-12 treatments. I have to bring my TENS unit tomorrow so they can show me where to place them when I'm home.

Well, I got my students first quiz ready & now I'm really exhausted from my day so I think I'll go lay down. I'm glad I just have to get through tomorrow & then a 3 day weekend to rest. I'll let you know how this goes every so often. I'd certainly appreciate some prayers.


mawmellow said...

Will add you to my prayer list.  What a journey just to get there !

helmswondermom said...

I hope that you won't have to worry about surgery any time soon.  I have a lot of back problems, and can readily sympathise.  Take care!

chat2missie said...

Anytime you can avoid back surgery sounds good.  I hope the treatment works for you.  

mariealicejoan said...

Hope the treatment works out well for you.  I have heard it said many times NEVER let them operate on your back.  It is never the same afterwards and in many cases it's alot worse!  We hav a good friend in Arizona who's back problems have completely debilitated him, and that is after surgery.  He is in constant pain, on pain killers that either leave him a zombie or ill.  Not to mention he has to eithre be laying down or walking.  Sitting is impossible as is standing still for any amount of time at all.
SImply tragic,

mikev009 said...

Here's hoping you feel beter soon.  ~ Mike

specialadyfink said...

So sorry you have back problems.I have 3 badly crushed discs and was told I needed surjury.Tried the cortisone shots(very painful and did no good)
But I told the Dr. "NO" and he said [very smartlike ).well,when you come crawling in from the parking lot-THEN you'll be glad to have it done!!
I never went back for the follow-up checkup with him.My husband also needs it,but he was told his nerve package has fused to the spine and it's too risky to operate.Man the human body is very complex.I think we all take it for granted.
Hope you start doing better.Pain is no fun.

acoward15 said...

Is she giving him a wedgie in that picture?