Friday, August 24, 2007

Go Cubbies!

Wow! What a game tonight! This is fun! Reminds me of when the Cubbies were doing so well when I was in college. I remember also going to a game & it was a double header & a rain make-up day...OMG...double the people than seats! People were standing in the stair ways & they didn't stop serving alcohol until the 2nd game so people were pretty drunk. One guy almost fell over the rain on the upper deck...just a mess...but fun! HA! I so want to go to one now!

Well, at least if we are going to be soaked lately we can stay in & watch the Cubs...they are a bit of sunshine now. It was pretty nasty by me last night! Tornados at our state park & a town just west of me. Our sirens were going off, clouds were going in all kinds of directions and this little black one came down a bit from the others...I know I was watching it just in case! It was definitely the weirdest. Although it didn't get green that I saw but when I dragged the kitties into the bathroom I heard hail hitting the furnace pipe outside...ugh! Wind was weird too. My hanging birdbath is a goner! Cracked off the chain. Some stuff on the ground & someone's sliding glass door screen is in my lawn. We missed the afternoon storm. Hit about 20 min north of us though. I saw all the huge trees down when I brought Sam & Ella back from the doc. The evening one is the one that got us. Came fast just as I got home. The boyfriend wanted to come get me...I'm like by the time you get here you will be in it or when we are heading back to your place...makes no sense to me he just kept calling me! HA! I must admit that is a lovely feeling to have someone worry about you and want to make you safe.

Well, just finished my first week of classes. So far going well & my students are really active & engaging. Gotten some cool emails from them. One says I'm the most laid back prof they have ever had. I'm not sure that is good or bad! Ha! She meant it as a compliment though so...hopefully she stays feeling that way. Unfortunately, my back is doing some odd things this week. Probably doing too much. I'm really trying to get started on this Vax-D treatment soon. Called them & my doc today. Ice & Anti-inflammatories this weekend to see if it will settle down.

Well, should be a quiet weekend! YA! My niece is back home since school start this week for her. I'll probably catch up & veg at home. One of the fairs was canceled I think due to the weather so that is out. I'll have to let you know what I end up doing later. Watched part of the Elvis by the Presley's on TVland tonight. Pretty good! I hope I can catch the rest later.

Well, enjoy your weekend!


mariealicejoan said...

At the risk of me looking stupid and saying the wrong thing and this being football instead of baseball, I don't really watch baseball myself.  but I do like your graphic!

mikev009 said...

Double header and alcohol.  Their's a mix for some funny pics.  ~ Mike

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your weekend.

sunnyside46 said...

It's good to hear your classes are goin gwell.
I'm glad you made it through the storms okay.
Let me know how the old back treats you. I am having a twinge or two myself.