Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hell is getting a Bit Colder!

I know, I know...

Well, I got grades in last Friday & I've been trying to enjoy what little I have left of summer vacation! Tonight was certainly a great way to do that! Man, does it feel great to be #1 right now! :-) Watched the game from the 5th inning with the boyfriend of almost 2 mo. Yep, thank God he is a Cubs fan! HA! Very exciting game. Now lets just see if it can last. Too bad we don't have a few days off to savor it! HA!

Ok, well yesterday I had to go back to the Bridal shop...ugh! Monday I ordered a dress for my sister's wedding and I get home to find the link to show people & it doesn't come in the color we want! Can you believe that! The woman let us order it without checking! I have to find her error! Did they knock off any money for having to drive almost an hour each way & time...heck no! The new one was like $10 cheaper though so that helps. Ok, here is the one I picked:

That is the color "Aubergine".

This is the one I was going to get:

Of course there is no way I will look like either one of those models but...

We all have different styles. My sister doesn't want cookie cutter bridesmaids. That is what she said! HA!

Oh my sister wants recommendations for songs to play at the wedding...anyone have any suggestions?

My neighbors upstairs woke me up about 4am arguing! Ugh! I didn't get back to sleep until like 6am. I called the police on them once already & filled out a report last week because he mouthed off a threat to me. Apparently a few weeks ago my other neighbors called the police on them when I was not around. The officer thinks they are moving soon...god I hope so. He said he would be happy too that they are a pain & apparently we have a new nuisance law... :-). Then later in the afternoon I have water coming through my bathroom fan! Ugh! I thought they moved out & let the water running to piss off the landlord since it was the endof the month...nope he said he sink was clogged. Ok, so why is the sink running unattended? So, perhaps Gods way of getting me to majorly clean my bathroom...which it got! I'm charging them for my damaged books & magazines though! Ha!

I did also get to treadmill for 22 min today! YA! First time since I herniated my discs. Wasn't too bad. Trying to take it slow. I think I'm going to start my Vax-D back treatments in a few weeks...ya! I am hoping it really works! I just have to save up a bit more $$.

The night before the Bears Training Camp had Family night & had the most spectacular fireworks. I think there were 6 different fireworks I had never seen before. I've seen fireworks now 4 times this summer. I LOVE fireworks! Yes, our town is swarming with Bears fans & the Bears players are prowling our local stores...saw one buying a pack of underwear??? Ok, why doesn't one come with enough clean underwear...when you go to camp it is usually on the list! Did he get it dirty that fast? Are the guys like stealing undies from the rookies & sailing them on the flagposts or stapling them on the bulletin boards? It is not hard to find a Bear in these parts...they look like Giants pumped on Testosterone (hopefully that is it!) and stick out amongst all the rural gentleman around here and their snazzy cars are easy to notice amongst the pick up trucks with bumper stickers saying "Get r done" HA! I went to camp last summer & watched a scrimmage thanks to my employers offering lovely passes which included lunch & a lovely loaded RV to use rather than a porta potty! HA! This year I'm still not sure if I'm going to head over there. And with the weather keeping us in the 90s for a few more days I don't think so.

Well, I have to "rest my eyes" as my grandpa would say when I'd catch him dozing. Have to catch up on the beauty sleep I didn't get last night! Later...



mariealicejoan said...

A beautiful dress and a lovely busy life!  What more could a body want!

jayveerhapsody said...

I sure hope your neighbors move so you can get some peace. A similar situation happened to me years ago, only I was the one who finally moved.  Tell your sister to elope - - it's a helluva lot easier!!!           Jon

acoward15 said...

Next month marks the start of the Rugby World Cup. Now that's a sporting event worth watching!

lifes2odd said...

Oh cool, another sports fan! There's not enough of us around J-Land! Love the journal and thanks for visiting mine. Good luck with the whole bridesmaid dress thing. I agree with you on that -- ugh! Martha

sugarsweet056 said...

TY for visiting & leaving a comment.
Love the dress, of course NOT on me! LOL Look forward to seeing wedding pics. :)
Neighbors can be such a nuisance, I've tried to always be a good one...but there've been times I've gotten some that were weird!
Yah on the treadmil! Take it slow. :)
I love fireworks, but not a sports fan.
Grandpa huh? My Mom used to say that, now I find myself saying it at times. hehehe
Have a good weekend.

gaboatman said...

Sorry you are living beneath the neighbors from hell.  Thank goodness they are planning to move.  As to the underwear question. I hate to admit it, but I used to travel quite a bit and a couple of times found that I had pack everything except my underwear. (yes, I do change daily, lol).  So, yes, I've had to run out to a local store in a strange town and buy a pack.  After the second time that happened I started packing my underwear first.  Solved the problem.  That was probably way too much info, sorry.  LOL.

swibirun said...

The promote VAX-D aggressively here in Knoxville.  I wish they had that in the early 90's when I had back problems from running long distances.

Good news about you and the new beau!  But honestly....would you have even CONSIDERED him if he wasn't a Cubbie fan?

Have a great weekend!