Monday, August 13, 2007

So Who is Flip Flopping Now?

Hi Everyone!

My sister just sent me this & I think it is just incredible! Not even making any political side here...just any politican that goes from one extreme to the other. I know Sept 11th happened & some may think then it is ok for him to change his mind but we are still basically in the shape he said we would be in so...Watch it is not very long! And much is used during political campaigns on what people said or voted for earlier in their careers and what they are professing now when really if you look at both sides, everyone does it and this is a PERFECT example!

And speaking of "flip flopping" did you see the article in the Chicago Tribune on the dangers of Flip Flops? They mention Dr. Grady....he did my foot surgery! :-)

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chat2missie said...

Say it ain't so........I love my flip flops! LOL