Monday, September 10, 2007

What a Week...

Hi Everyone!

Well I've certainly had a week! Well the friday before Labor Day I had a student have a major seizure in my class. First time I've every had an emergency in 17 yrs of teaching. It wasn't until I was on the train & about half way downtown when I started to relax. The weekend was nice, I got to see my little niece on Monday at a fair we go to every year. I bought her a tie dye dress for her American Girl Doll with a mathching shirt & head scarf for her.  Her Uncle & I should her many of the artist's work and explained to her how they make it.
Unfortunately, I didn't have my sun glasses with me & I always get migraines from squinting...sure enough major one! I was bargaining with God in the wee hours of the night. To make matters worse, earlier in the week I went to order my migraine pills & Walgreens said they were on long term back order. Ugh! No other manufacturer makes these type of migraine meds which makes no sense to me. There are other types that work differently but obviously these are the types I need if they work. I've used them for so long now. Now I don't have migraine that often mind you. This past prescription I filled in Dec for 25 pills & you take up to 5 in a day so...I called around & they had some at a location near the fair. I go there, with the migraine remember, and they closed early for the holiday, nope not a 24 hr one. UGH! I had one left so I took that one but you are suppose to take 2 right away so...About 4:30am I started to feel better. I took a Vicodin and it did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! These usually just knock me out but it didn't even make me yawn! I had only taken 1 so far for my back since April so I had a lot left.

Tues my head still bothered me & I thought with lack of sleep & running around for work & going downtown for the back treatments it would just get worse, so I called in sick & had someone show the video I was going to show & then canceled my back treatment and relaxed all day. Wed I was fine but felt so odd. Bad enough a Monday off throws you off a bit, I had 2 days. Thurs evening when I returned from my back treatment my right knee started to hurt so much when I completely straigtened it. Felt like it was going to come out the other way! I think it is from the ramps & stairs with the train stations. When I mentioned it Fri to them they told me to always keep my knees bent. I'm trying & it isn't bothering me as much but did a bit today still.

Yesterday I went to the office for about 4 hours to catch up a bit & clean up from the summer...old student work etc. Then I met the boyfriend for dinner and did a bit of shopping. He helped with the heavy stuff! ;-)

Today I worked inside and on the computer & later in the evening did a few errands...including getting the light I have pictured above, except in black, from Menards. It is really cool. It is more natural. Too bad it won't give me a safe tan though too! HA! I got Clinton's new book on Giving for myself and as a birthday gift for a 17 yr old. I figured it is her future that can be changed. She loved it. She was planning on getting it. I also picked up a few copies of Jonathon Livingston Seagull. She had never read it & so I was glad I got it for her. I love that book. I am having my Social Psych students read it. I usually read them The Sneetches & The Paper Bag Princess also.

EEEEEEKKKKK! Country just found a HUGE black Cricket! How the heck did it get in here! I grabbed two bowls & captured it & let it outside. I can just imagine this thing jumping on me in the middle of the night! ARRRRRGGGHHH! That God I have my babies to hunt icky things for me! :-)

Well, I did 3 days of treatment on my back last week so that brings it to 5 total. They said between 8-12 I should start to feel better. I'm really looking forward to it. My foot is still tingling & I'm still having problems with my upper back a bit, probably getting strained from my lower not doing its job.  I am getting pretty far in my autobiography of Ann-Margret while traveling on the train. It is a fascinating book. I had to order it from Used Vendors but it came in awesome shape & I got the audio of it read by hear. It is amazing that this vivacious woman is quite shy...somehow I identify with that a bit. I just finished reading the part about her relationship with Elvis...quite fascinating. I can't find a picture of the back cover so I'll have to make a copy first. It is even better. I'm almost 1/2 way down so I'll say in a few more days I'd be done. Well...have to get some beauty sleep...I can use all the help I can get! HA!


chat2missie said...

Have a good week.

helmswondermom said...

I can sympathise with the migraines!  Hope they get your meds in stock soon.  The Ann-Margaret autobiography sounds really good.  That is one I will have to get soon.

ceilisundancer said...

I don't know Sneetches or Paper Bag Princess.  I love JLSeagull:)

I sure hope you get your meds in soon, and your back fixed up!  Seems it's improving, anyway..........  how fun to take your niece out, however:)  My DD is too big for AG dolls, mostly, now.  Enjoy those days while you can.