Sunday, August 5, 2007

I just play a Rocket Scientist!

Ok people, I just don't ever get this...I'm always saying I'm not not a Harvard grad or anything that I would get this any more than other people! First, we have McDonald's being sued by China because they are using too much English in their country. Apparently, they are printing sales receipts in English. Now lets just put this in context, if a French restaurant came to America & they printed their receipts in French I think we would not be too happy about it. Makes you wonder about the those big wigs at McDonalds...if they don't get this should they even be in those positions?

Next, we have the US Army hosting the Legends of Baseball camp for little kids in Cincinnati. They invite Pete Rose & are shocked that the man who was lying, gambling & God knows what else swears with the kids! Yes, the "F" and "S" word with them! These are 9-12 yr olds! Who is making these decisions? And if this is the US Army making a decision like this, God help us in Iraq! Yes, I support our troops but it is the goofy big wigs that are putting our guys in jeopardy if they are making decisions like this! Geez!

Like I said, I just don't get it...this doesn't take an Einstein to understand this. I mean if I can get this then why the heck can't they understand this may not be a great idea? And geez if they can't and I am much more intelligent than I realize...I think I should get one of these lovely positions which is probably allowing these people to live much more comfortably than I am right now! Is it any wonder our planet (yes, this is not unique to the US!) is in the trouble it is in? You know this idea Englewood has of year round school (they start tomorrow!) may not be a bad idea. 2 more weeks & my students are going to hear about this! They complain about critical thinking even once &....


mariealicejoan said...

The mind boggles!!!!

mariealicejoan said...

OOOPS  didn't mean to leave one of my pictures as a link!  Sorry!

sunnyside46 said...

no no! Not year round school NOOOOO

chat2missie said...

LOL!!  I couldn't have said it better!