Sunday, February 4, 2007

2 in a Lifetime???


Well, lets see if I will have two in a lifetime. I swear though, if I heard one more announcer say it had been over 20 yrs since the last one I was going to scream! Ugh! Talk about making one feel old! Yep, I was in college when they won last! Man! I remember that party so well...the goofy chili we made, the champaign bottles hanging from the ceiling tiles! HA! Those were good times! :-)

Today was crazy in the Jewel...geez between people stocking up because of the weather this weekend & the Superbowl parties the check-out lines down the aisles! Ugh! And they were playing the Bears song so much it was getting annoying.

It is currently -1 degrees! UGH! My Weather Channel Desktop keeps changing for the next few days. It did say -10 for tomorrow now a bit better. Just Crazy! My folks even had snow last week in their backyard in the valley & not just the big mountain you can see in their backyard! Man! Dad says he still remembers in '68 or '69 going to get a battery for his dad's car & it was -25 on the thermometer...this is the same man who now doesn't want me to drive if it is snowing just a bit. Ugh! I would have been too young to remember then but I remember a bit older it being that cold. I remember wearing dresses & I had to wear thick tights & then then pants & I think even ski pants over them then...I'm like what is the point of wearing the dress then? Ha! Now I'm praying school is closed on Mon. HA!

Well, I better get some sleep for tomorrow's fun! :-)  

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chat2missie said...

I remember when they won in 86 or was that 85.  I was hoping they would win again.  Oh well.