Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Big Ouchie!

Hi Everyone...

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while! I was very busy around the 1st of the year. My family had a surprise party for my sister's 40th & her godfather's 65th on the 1st, their birthdays are on the 2nd. I'll tell you about it later, but on the 2nd I swung my hand into the french door handle at my folks & I almost fainted from the pain. The thing swelled up so bad, no knuckles, couldn't move my fingers...took a week to go down but no fracture.

Then I had to go back to work that Thurs & the following Monday we started back at school...unfortunately my back went out then! Ugh! I managed to get through the week & I just had a miserable weekend. Basically, downed the drugs & laid on the lazyboy watching movies. Yes...I need a winter spa day...make that a week! HA!

I think part of it may have been the soft cast on my foot. It was really bothering me under my arch so I'm sure I was walking wrong and then standing in class. On M, W & TH I go straight for over 3 hours & on those days I had to really take off my shoe as it was swelling so much. Friday I went to see Dr. Z. & he did take my foot out of the soft cast. He didn't cast me, probably I was not in extreme pain. It doesn't feel right though...I just have this feeling. There is some hard spots & across my heel it is really numb.  I know my foot. We figured in my AFO brace I can take it off & ice it & also get some PT so we are going to try that. Of course when I banged my hand I joked with my family that my foot didn't hurt so much now. Same thing happened when my back went out. Over the weekend it slowly got worse. I'm sure it is the more pain I got the more tense I got & less moving which then causes more pain & the cycle continues. I did take my niece & her friend to see Charlotte's Web...which was cute & the funniest thing is my old PT guy was there with his wife & daughter! I laughed & thought if I ended up on the floor & couldn't get up I know he'll be thereto help me! HA! I sat on their coats...those theater seats tilt down so much.

So I don't quite have Happy Feet yet, as the one is bad still & the other is pissed off at the other one because it is not pulling its weight! HA! But my PT guy is back from his Mecca trip so I got to go yesterday. I was in tears! Couldn't help it. And he is someone I feel so safe with to do that & know he will not think less. He knows it takes a lot for me to get that way I'm usually fighting it so hard until it stops me & then I get so frustrated because if it stops me it has broken my spirit & then that is when I just break down. I felt like the angel below...or maybe that is my guardian angel & it is just exhausted & can't keep up with me so I don't have too much protection right now! Hmmm!

I know my weeping Budha (I have this one right on my desk in front of me at home & school) is probably overworked also! It is out of tissues! HA!


Well, my PT guy of course assurred me I would leave a different woman. Hmmm I joked with him if that was going to be the case I want to put in a few other options for the order! HA! He said I was in luck that they just got in that morning a new laser machine which somehow works on releasing your own endorphins. I told him that I didn't care if they did some type of tribal dance & it was all placebo effects. As long as I'm not in pain I don't care what they did. HA! Well, between the tens  unit, the laser, heat, biofreeze (which I was putting on like crazy this weekend, along with heat & drugs) and bending me into positions I said should not be allowed unless I'm going to get some fun with (Hee Hee!) I think I'm about 50% better. I also get to go back Wed & Fri so maybe by next week I'll be good & just have to maintain. 

Dr. Z. said they were also getting in a new brace which prevents swelling so we'll see on that next time. My foot was bothering me more today, maybe because the back pain is less I'm walking & feeling it more?! I think mom is right...I should wrap myself in bubble wrap. Though...hmmm that could be fun too! HA! Apparently I am in less pain...hormones must be kicking in! HA! I've got a few more things to do for my students since I got nothing done on my lovely 3 day weekend. Hopefully this weekend I can catch you up with the rest of my Christmas Break etc. Sorry again for being gone so long. Soon as I'm feeling better I'll be posting again. Oh..Thurs I have accupuncture so that should help!

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rebuketheworld said...

Hey Deb, sorry to hear that your still in pain. My sister had broken her ankle about four months ago. She ended up having to get surgery and they rebroke her foot because she has flat feet. Its so painful...I feel for both of you...I even had a eye opener because I have been running errands for her. Its really sad how many people stare, just stare at people in wheel chairs...I couldnt deal with that without some T-shirt saying,  I know I aint the first one you have seen.  

I hope your feeling better very soon. ~Raven