Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Difference in #1 & #2!

Love the fly by!!!

1st Quarter....

YES! God...first time a touchdown from a kickoff! Love it! The bears are going to murder them! One of the announcers said it was better for nerves to be on defense rather than start with offense & I yelled back "Yes, and it is the Colts who need to be nervous!!!" HA! We aint (yes, I said that!) nervous baby!


* Rock/Paper/ ok
* Dorritos...Dumb
* Blockbuster Critters...Ok...I must have a very dirty mind tonight! HA! What a waste! HA!
* Sierra Mist - Beard Comb-over...
* Sierra Mist - Karate...ha...the blonde one "Are you registered for this class" reminds me of a guy from college who was in! Hmm!

What is with the network? If they can't keep the sound & video actually going without interruption give it to some other network! Geez!

DANG...who was suppose to be covering Wayne? Pathetic! ....yes that snap may make all the difference! Oh sure, blame the they don't ever have rain during the regular season! NO EXCUSES! For either team!


* FedEx...ugh
* Bud Light...Auction...actually I thought it was pretty funny! That is pretty much what guys are thinking...get to the party! Ha!

Ugh...yep I said no excuses...geez! this is going to be one nasty game I think! OMG...Haggerly is from my I didn't know that. Now look at that turn over...this is going to get nasty. I predict a fight....I'm just feeling it!


* Snickers....OMG! Those poor guys are going to get so razed but they actually would be remembered for it so maybe it will help them get acting roles. I'm sure all the guys went nuts with this one! HA!
* Quattro....dull...why!
* Pride...saw preview in theater...looks AWESOME!
* Chevy...AWESOME Diversity!
* Bud Light...classroom...HA! I loved it!
* Oprah/Dave...AWESOME! That is just AWESOME!!!!!!! Did I miss something? Did they make a bet?

Yep totally a push out...Dang Cedric hitting your head shouldn't make your hands open up! Geez!  Blitz them like crazy I say!

Man that looked nasty...Colt on Benson's leg going sideways...ick!

2nd Quarter....


* Coke...well I've been seeing in the theaters but maybe some have not. It is pretty good idea...the rats dancing crack me up.

[We just got a flood warning in our area! Ugh...3 degrees right now. At least they don't have to play in this cold. Man it sure would be nice to have off tomorrow!]


* Garmin...great! Love it!
* Doritos grwocery store...ick
* Chevy...Car Washing...HA! Now if they had it as some great studs you'd get all the women to buy one but I think that is going to work against them! Ha!
* Bud Light...face slapping...pathetic!
* Heart one...pretty good idea.
* Prince...awww poor Prince is going to be in the rain...I'm so upset! HA!
* GM...Robot...that was pretty cool! Always Loved that song!
* Coke...again in the theaters & I think it could be a bit better...pix of wonderful people or something!
* Wild Hogs...looks stupid funny! :-)
* Sprint...connectile dysfunction...HA!

Poor Benson...will it make the difference now? Hmmm? It has to be so hard to watch & not be able to do anything to help.

Ugh...Grossman should have to catch snaps in the rain for hours as his punishment!!!


* Coke...never had one before...pretty good idea but could have been better.

Ordered my pizza! :-) Thin & Crispy Pizza Hut...onion, green pepper & mushroom! YUM!



* March Madness was pretty good! 

I want Howie...where is Howie! Dang! Marino doesn't even come close! Ya, so they are in FL but still! Oh is this why Marino went on the diet? Because he was going to be on tv today? Have you seen those commercials??

Alright I'm not a Prince fan but that was classy having a Marching Band...I wonder who it was. Great way to promote the arts in education! Get them the exposure!!! Love those black outfits & boots on the I wish! HA! This foot just doesn't know what it is missing! HA!   

HA!!! the screen...that is quite some Phallic Symbol there! Did you all catch that! HA! Freud would have a field day with that one! HA! You know what they say about needing to overcompensate! Ha! Actually, you look at that symbol of a stage & doesn't it look like a combo of the feminine & masculine signs??? Hmmm?

Pizza's here 15 min early! Wow! They have no tv at Pizza Hut! How can you work & not know man! Not even a radio??? How Pizza Hut treats their employees I tell you! Heck, they should have tvs in the restaurant & maybe people would come!

Ick...too much sauce!


* Bud Light...Girlfriends over...HAAAA! I loved it! Of course we can do the reverse also!

Ya, I agree...the Bears are dying down quite a bit & that is just not right! What is the deal? I agree that defense should not be out on the field that much. What are they doing??? I think the Bears were thinking they would crush the Colts, came out that way & then when all of a sudden it started to look like the Colts did get to the Superbowl for a good reason they didn't get it. What is with them? The Bears are just not looking at good as at the beginning of the game.

OK, I missed it...who wants to marry Oprah?

Ugh 1/2 the 3rd quarter...this is getting bad what is Urlacher doing dropping back so much? All the blitzes are what was going good in the first half. I don't get it.


* Meet the Robinsons...saw it previewed in the the caffiene patch one...going to use that clip for class.
* E*Trade...that was pretty good!
* Bud Light...Gorrilla
* Revlon..Sheryl Crow...Oh good lord...I'm sorry but I didn't care for it. It could have been much more creative than that! Heck, something like your color won't fade away as fast as other things: maybe guys bringing flowers etc. HA!

Ok, well that is a good first Bears down.  Oh man that was pathetic...the sack...that is saying sooooo much! Oh ok, he just tripped but 2nd know this just doesn't feel good. They should deduct $ from their paycheck when they play that bad!


* The Careerbuilder ones
* Taco Bell...Lions...ha! I love it! HA!
* Van Heusen...oh Baby I totally agree....give me more of those commercial with men who make me drool...nothing like a great dressed man! Speaking of which were are the Jockey & Fruit of the Loom commercials with the guys in the underwear??? ;-)
* Two & 1/2 Men..."When did you get Mojo!" HAAAA! Love it!

Missing a block should get you suspended for games without pay! GEEZ! Face Mask...well at least they are getting some fire in them. Heck, I hate to say this but you win the are not going to care about some fine! Thank God they didn't make that TD! EXACTLY...I said more blitzes earlier...geez where are these announcers! LATE! Dang what are the Bears thinking with giving all those big wholes? Geez! They are more concerned with getting the crowd louder than paying attention & making the plays. Make the plays & you will get the crowd!


* Robert younger people even know who he is? Geez I barely do!
* FedEx...judging by name...that was funny
* Nationwide...Federline...that is just too funny!
* Bud Light...AX/Bottle Opener...HAAAA!

Hnmm..unnecessary roughness...good...I'm still say they are tettering on a fight! They better get a TD now or it will be real sad! You know I wouldn't have minded losing my voice from screaming...even if I had to struggle in class tomorrow! Geez! I haven't screamed with joy in so long...Dang...ya screaming here but not for the right reason...OMG! Ok, now lets have that field goal matter! They didn't retire McMahon's number? Why the hell not? Geez!

 Well...are the Bears doing this really to make it an interesting game to the end? Hmm? Why bother? Why not slaughter them!


* WaMu...OMG...that is just pathetic...just P. Whipped!
* NFL...I love the coke one like that.
* Budweiser it! HAAA! Now that was creative...who came up with that!
* Anyone using Elvis gets Thumbs up from me...thanks for making my hips go wild! ;-) And I should add...the accupuncture really made a difference this weekend!!!! Don't want to overdo it though!

Yes, we'll take those false starts. Chicago can still win this game...YOU GOT IT BABY! Now if they could just hear that & do it! Harrison should see my accupuncturist tomorrow! HA! Finally the Bears...Dang...geez! What is with Tait...Chicago showing patience...that is not how I would explain it....thank God! ...we need some good major throws down the field! OMG!!!! This is pathetic....the Bears do not deserve to win with this! Clearly inside...well no team did a kick-off TD so it would be great if they could come back losing by 12! Just what they are made of in their hearts!


* E*Trade...1 finger...I liked it.
* Yes, Hannibal Rising...can't wait! Hope it is good!

Rex Grossman...yep he is going to be hearing about it from all of Chicago for a very long time! Well take that sack! About time! Exactly...there should have been a whole lot more of that much earlier! I told you they were close to a fight! I think they need that more quite frankly! You don't deserve to win if you don't keep the intensity throughout the whole game! You can relax all day tomorrow and the off season quite frankly!

You know...there wouldn't been anything better to make the Colts feel bad than to lose it after all this...hmmm! You know you give me wholes like that & geez I could run it! Too bad we can't pick an UN-MVP! How can the Bears not have known the Colts would not be running & defend for that? Geez! Look at those wholes they are giving them. That makes all the difference! We need Sweetness back! That is the difference between this Bears team & the last one...we had a whole lot of MAJOR had McMahon, Sweetness, Fencik, Singletary, Hampton, Fridge...ETC! It wasn't just an Urlacher....sorry Rex is just not a McMahon! I know...I'm not meaning to totally dish just because they are losing now but  you can see they are not standing out like the other team. They have every right to be proud of what they did in the season but if you want to win the Superbowl you have to have consistency and be just as strong throughout the game. You can't give up. You have to be in their face! You have tobe intense! Just pathetic on our part...I'd like to hear some explanation from our know maybe that "Superbowl Shuffle" cockiness is needed...we just don't have that. Love to hear what Mike Ditka thinks & the other players from the past.  Chicago will be getting it from IN now the rest of the year! Ugh! I'm sure I'll be back during the week making more comments as others comment in the media. Ahhhh...this is going to be one long week...would have sure helped the frigid cold if we had won! 1 degree here now! Well...lets see if it is nuts here next summer...I'm sure it would have been worse for training if we won but will it still be interesting to see what happens.

Dang, Shannon Sharpe is one wide man! Ha! Oh boy...see what happens! They have left me to do nothing else but check out the men! HA! Maybe that is ok though! ;-)

I have to work for it. You can't rely on just the freak plays & hoping the opposing team makes a mistake. You have to make the consistent solid plays yourself. Ok, lets hear what everyone else thinks over the week. The Chicago Bears do have a lot to be proud of. They got to the Superbowl & that is something that does say a lot but when it comes to being #1 vs #2 you have to have that extra & they just didn't tonight!

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